Come into my heart Lord
Ron Cusworth

Come into my heart Lord, and wash me clean,
Forgive all my sins Lord, and the bad things I've been,
How I long for forgiveness, I bow down to You,
Your mercy enfolds me, let me come to You.

Come into my soul Lord, purify me from within,
Come touch me and fill me, let my new life begin,
May each waking moment, be filled in Your praise,
and Lord make me worthy, to serve You, all my days.

Come into my mind Lord, and lead me in Your way,
Be right by my side Lord, give me the words to say,
How I long to be Yours Lord, my life made good, through You,
My Jesus, my Saviour, I give my all to You.

Come into my life Lord, heal my hurt with Your forgiving love,
Your Blessings they surround me, they are sent from heaven above,
I don't deserve You, and the things that You've done,
My heart soul and mind Lord, I give them to Jesus, Your Son.