Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

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Cheryl Rogers


Cheryl RogersAs a child, Cheryl Rogers wanted to be a singer and a writer, no doubt in part to her fascination with Judy Garland and Nancy Drew Mysteries. Cheryl spent many hours in a living room rocker reading book after book. When it came time to choose a college major, Cheryl chose journalism. She also studied voice. Cheryl worked as a reporter and copy editor for many years before quitting to raise a family. Then in the wake of the tragic World Trade Center attacks, God began giving her melodies. It started in late 2001 with a melody to Psalm 18, which she calls “My High Tower.” "I never thought I would be able to write melodies,” she says, “because my father encouraged my sister and I to write songs as children, and I never could.” When the tunes came like a flood in late 2003 and eaerly 2004, she realized God had a job for her to do. “I believe God wants them on the Internet where they can be shared with his church throughout the world,” she said. Cheryl now has three CDs with 31 original Scripture songs. She also self syndicates a column called Bible Break, which provides Biblical wisdom in nuggest-sized portions.

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