Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

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Bruce Niemchick


Bruce NiemchickI was born and raised in Wayland Michigan. I now live in Grand Rapids Michigan and married to a wonderful woman of God named Julie. We have a wonderful daughter named Leah. I was born again in april 1981. I have been a songwriter since I was fifteen years old. I have been writing for the Lord since 1981. I have been using my musical abilities in churches, recordings and weddings for well over twenty years.
My primary passion is encouraging people. So it is just natural that I often do this in song. I just love to encourage people. I guess you could say that I am a "Cheerleader for God". I usually like to put a story to music. I play Guitar and Mandolin.

Featured Songs

According to His riches mp3 (2.23mb)
This Song is all scripture. Mal. 3:10-11, Phil. 4:19 and Matt. 6:31-33. My Father in-law Dean Wheeler plays "The Preacher" in the middle segment of this song. God is our great supplier!
Be still mp3 (2.81mb)
This song I wrote based on what God is saying to us - He wants us to Be still and know that He is God. (Produced by Jeff K.)
Been thinkin' right mp3 (4.63mb)
This song was inspired by John Maxwell's book "Thinking for a Change" (Produced by Jeff K.)
Beginnings mp3 (4.66mb)
I wrote this song in 1982 for our wedding in 1983. Julie & I recorded it together in my studio in 2003.
Breathe on me breath of God mp3 (3.8mb)
This is my version of "Breathe on me breath of God" My buddy Jeff Kruizenga produced and played on this song with me.
Christmas is here mp3 (2.39mb)
I brought this song to Jeff K. and he helped me put the finishing touches on it and produced it. It paints a picture of how I remember Christmas. This is from our Christmas CD "The Christmas I Remember".
Follow The Word mp3 (3.7mb)
I wrote this song back in 1981 when I first discoverd the treasure of the word of God. I just recorded it and Leah helped me with back up vocals.
I called you by my grace mp3 (3.94mb)
This song is a message for each and every person. God has called each of us to serve Him. We just need to use those gifts and talents. Julie & Leah helped me on this one.
I'll cheer you on mp3 (3.47mb)
Sometimes it is easy to forget that God is for us. He not only is for us, He is cheering us on to victory!
Let the fire burn again mp3 (2.32mb)
This song is my testimony in a nutshell. It tells of the actual events regarding my salvation experience.
Liberty dance (Instrumental) mp3 (3.17mb)
Jeff Kruizenga and I wrote this song together. This song happens to be an insturmental. If you listen closely you will not only see a picture of what liberty in America is about, but most importantly what liberty in Christ is about.
Livin' my life for You mp3 (2.02mb)
This song is A Cappella at its roots. It does have some instrumentation but the focal point is voice. This song is very simple, but reminds us of our walk with God and how we can run to his throne in time of need.
Ordinary Utensils (Instrumental) mp3 (2.26mb)
The rhythm section on this song is my hands (rubbing, clapping, snapping) and other "ordinary things" We are orndinary people who can do extraordinary things for God through Him! (Produced by Jeff K. Lead Guitar by Jeff K.)
Power in the blood mp3 (3.68mb)
Ocasionally I like to resurrect an old hymn and put my trademark on it. This is my version of "Power in the Blood" perfomed with my lovely wife Julie.
Praise working mp3 (3.76mb)
This is not your typical praise and worship song. I wrote it so that it may encourage others who have lost their jobs.
Revelation Praise mp3 (3.69mb)
This song was birthed and inspired from the book of Revelation. When we and all the angels will bow to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Although simple in form, shows the power of praise and worship to the Lord God Almighty!
Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego mp3 (1.9mb)
I have been going through the book of Daniel. One night out of nowhere a bass line came to me and the Holy Spirit told me to record it. The rest fell into place.
Universe mp3 (3.84mb)
God certainly is big! I pray it ministers to those who need to know that the God we serve know what is best for us.
Walking along life's road mp3 (3.65mb)
This song was written for all of us who look to God for his direction for our lives.