Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Brandon Champagne


Born in the North and raised in the South, Brandon’s roots run from Rhode Island to Arkansas. The son of a hippie couple on a quest for “artificial highs,” Brandon watched his parents’ lives be transformed by the abundant grace and renewing of Christ’s love. He was blessed to be raised most of his young life in a family deeply devoted to ministry and service.

At the age of twelve, Brandon understood his need for a Savior and began a personal journey with Jesus Christ. As a young child, Brandon watched his mother (also a writer) draw upon real life experiences to inspire her work. Brandon began writing his own songs at the age of seven. By the age of eighteen, he and his brother were fronting the contemporary Christian band “Worthy Cause.” Brandon wrote all their original material. After the release of their cd “Letter to the World,” they began opening for bands like “Big Tent Revival,” “The Waiting”, “Polar Boy”, and “Broomtree.”

After several years in the “road band” scene, Brandon felt God drawing him to a deeper level of commitment and service. He began leading worship at a local church. He filled the position on an “interim” basis for 6 months before becoming a full-time worship pastor in Farmington, Arkansas where he currently resides with his wife and 3 sons.

Brandon’s unique perspective on life, love, family, and God has cultivated a refreshing writing style that is as individual as each song that he writes (see lyrics below). Over the past 15 years, Brandon has written hundreds of songs ranging from pop/rock to folk to praise and worship.

Brandon is always writing, creating, honing his craft. His mother always told him that she believed if they didn’t let God use the gift He gave them, He might just take it from them. From the birth of a child to a soft July rain to the death of a loved one, each experience is another opportunity to express a heartfelt emotion or point out a spiritual truth through verse and note. For the past five years, Brandon’s primary focus has been congregational worship. As a writer, his energy and passion are wholeheartedly invested into songs that inspire awe of the Creator and draw people into fellowship with God. Each song he writes is another attempt to help connect the listener (or participant) to the Author of life. Currently, over twenty of his songs are being used in his church and others as congregational choruses of praise/worship.

Featured Songs

Faithful To You mp3 (8.56mb)


359 Rheas Mill Rd. Farmington, AR 72730
(479) 445-2199