Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

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Bob Andres


Bob AndresThe composer is a practicing safety and noise engineer/consultant who is also a veteran pianist, organist and church choir director who began composing songs in a religious setting in 1998. His works include "The Message," "A Story of Our Love," "I Will Walk in the Presence of the Lord," "A Light Cuts Through the Darkness," "An Irish Blessing," and portions of two choral Masses for the Catholic liturgy.

Featured Songs

A light cuts through the darkness mp3 (3mb)
A Christmas song of hope for dark times. Music and lyrics by Robert N. Andres. Recorded 2002 by Robert Andres, baritone/keyboards, and Patricia Kelleher, soprano, at Todd Hobin Studios, Syracuse, NY, USA. First performed on Christmas Eve, 2001, at St. Joseph's RC Church, Camillus, NY. The song is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the 9/11/01 disasters.
The Lord's Prayer mp3 (1.73mb)
Mass Part for Catholic parishes. Music by Robert N. Andres. This is a Roman Catholic (USA) version of the Lord's Prayer, written as part of "Missa Popular II" for the choir of St. Elizabeth Seton Church in Naples, FL (USA). It is unique in having the "priest's part" sung by a cantor or the priest.
Where we'll be mp3 (2.61mb)
General religious air. Music and lyrics by Robert N. Andres, adapted from an original poem "A View From the Mountain," by Charles Salmon of Naples, FL, USA. First performed by the composer on St. Patrick's Day, 2002, at St. Elizabeth Seton Church in Naples.


Contact us to purchase "The Message," a CD presentation by the composer and Patti Kelleher in 2002, or for information concerning any of the published religious songs or mass parts. Many of the songs are provided free of charge to religious organizations.