Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Bill Ouellette


Over the past 12 years the Lord has given me many, many songs that have done exactly this for my walk with Him. He has been preparing my heart over these years in order to deliver these songs to His church that has gradually slipped into complacent, lukewarm slumber. He has shown me the need to know Him more and more each day though his Word, through communion with Him in prayer and to seek first His kingdom with this earthly existence He has created me for.

Through this ministry of music, the Lord has called me bring His Word, His message, and a passion of prayer through music and song. To open our hearts to the power of the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to minister to our hearts and truly worship the one and only true God, and His son Jesus Christ. And thus, take this worship far beyond the music
into a life sacrificed for Him through word and deed, that the world may see in us the light of Jesus Christ, and desire to know Him.

Featured Songs

Making Me More Like You mp3 (5.26mb)