Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

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Annie Woode


Annie WoodeThe line in the song, Thank you for the music, which goes - she said I began to sing long before I could talk - probably describes me best. I have been singing for as long as I remember, probably because I come from a very musical family, both my grandfathers were church organists and both of my parents were choristers. I became a Christian and ministered in the Gospel Youth Singers group for years doing annual musicals, singing wherever we were invited and I found ministry through music was a really powerful way of bringing people closer to God whether they were believers or not. My earlier Christian music influences included artists like Andrae Crouch, Amy Grant, Twila Paris and Evie and at present I think my favourite genre of music is praise and worship, though my style doesn’t reflect this.

I’d previously written the odd song. I’m the kind of person that always has a tune in their head and a couple of years ago following an altar call during one of our services found myself writing songs on a regular, almost weekly basis and I finally decided this year to share them as they were ideas, thoughts, whispers, inspirations that had spoken to me at some point of the love of God and my hope in Christ and I hoped they would do the same for someone else.

In ‘real life’ I m nurse, and have in the past been a teacher and worked with Youth for Christ and am still a work in progress which won’t be finished till he calls.

Featured Songs

Did He Think? mp3 (2.51mb)
Every Letter mp3 (2.27mb)
The six songs on this are Every Letter, On the Cross, Pull me in, Not Guilty, Before and Grace Alone. Every letter I did after a sermon and is a vague interpretation of my favourite verse Rom 8:28 - All things work together for good. The thought being trusting God in all circumstances. Not guilty and On the Cross were Good Friday/Easter thoughts. Pull me in describes salvation in terms of someone drowning, who is rescued by boat. Grace alone I did on my way to work when I think I was meditating on what was actually keeping me as a Christian. Before reminds us that there is a rescue plan for us which has been put in place even before we need it.
Greatest War mp3 (2.41mb)
The 8 songs are Beginning not end, Greatest War, Desperation, Lay me down, Sweetest song, Can you believe it, Did He think and Signs of the times. Beginning not end I did a few months after my Dad’s death and was a reminder to myself I guess, that he wasn’t ‘gone’, just changed address. Greatest War was done after a Rememberance/Armistice day service, when I was thinking of the cost of war. Can you believe it was a thought of the wonder of salvation and how much Jesus sacrificed for us. On my walk to the station one morning, its about 25mins and I think I probably had too much time on my hands, I was just asking myself exactly what Jesus said to God when he was told about Calvary and that gave rise to Did He think. Signs of the times is really just a song about social issues, namely the rapid rise in the past year of teenage gun and knife crime in the UK. My original thought was to do it as if I was the victim’s mother, but then I thought everyone would know how she felt but no one would understand that the perpetuator’s mother would often also have feelings of remorse, perhaps even more than he did, feeling that she had somehow failed him. In Desperation I was thinking about different people who met Jesus and how they felt prior to meeting him.(including me). The woman who was bleeding, a blind man, the paralytic lowered down the roof by his friends and Jarius’ daughter. Sweetest Song reminds me that nothing I do can be more than God’s love for me and Lay me down is just a prayer.
Signs Of The Times mp3 (2.95mb)