Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

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Angie Lendon


Angie LendonAngie Lendon was born in the North of England and now resides in Hull where she is leading worship at Grapevine’s youth venue“synergy”, providing backing vocals for Godfrey Birtle at “The Call” and a wide variety of local events in Hull ranging from outreach concerts in Queens Gardens to youth events such as Pure.

Her debut album “Honesty” is a collection of songs written from walking the road of faith in Jesus and sharing her experiences and observations.Angie’s singing career started in the eighties playing with various bands in London Pubs and music venues. This resulted in the signing of a management deal that took her to Los Angeles.Striving for fame and fortune and the crazy lifestyle of rock and roll in Hollywood became too much. In an attempt to regain normality she and partner Nigel moved to “the beach” in San Pedro and looked to the future.It was whilst preparing for their wedding in 1985 that they both became Christians.

Angie was encouraged to start singing again but this time in a choir where she experienced a new dimension in worship and singing.Within a short time, under the guidance of a locally renowned choirmaster, she performed the occasional solo but was adamant that she would not sing again unless “God wanted her to”. It seems God did!After nearly ten years of living in the States it became clear the time was right to move back to the UK with Nigel and their young family.It was at this point she started to record her life and faith in a musical journal of songs.This is now “Honesty”.

The release of this project brings great excitement in the hope that it will touch lives and bring healing and wholeness to those who are in need.

Featured Songs

God is My Salvation mp3 (4.14mb)