Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Angela Dittmar


Angela DittmarI have some songs to share, I hope you are blessed and encouraged.

I never knew I was a songwriter, but it turns out that I have been allowed to pen some songs that I am happy to share. It is my hope that each of these songs will be re-recorded in the most glorious fashion, with proper orchestrations, vocal artists, and in professional sound studios… and that this music will go around the world to every nation… but till then, I am sharing these songs with you, and I hope that this music will bless you, and maybe You will sing these melodies in your car, in your kitchen, and in your heart. May this be a blessing to YOU. Thank you Jesus! AMEN!

Featured Songs

A Beautiful Song mp3 (9.29mb)
Best Friend mp3 (6.34mb) Chords (img), Lyrics Word document, Chords Word document
Call On The Name mp3 (4.87mb) Chords Word document
Coming Home mp3 (6.39mb) Chords Word document
Draw Us mp3 (7.45mb)
Good Morning Lord mp3 (6.99mb) Chords Word document
He Loves You mp3 (4.45mb)
Miracle Working God *
Psalm 23 mp3 (4.14mb) Chords Word document
Sing to the Chief Musician mp3 (5.64mb)
With You With Me mp3 (7.75mb) Lyrics Word document, Chords Word document
You've Got It All In Control mp3 (6.83mb) Chords Word document