Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Patrick Ambrose & Adrian Haw


 Patrick Ambrose & Adrian HawPatrick Ambrose and Adrian Haw have been writing songs together since 2001. Patrick writes the lyrics and Adrian comes up with the music. They live in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, England, where they are musicians with the Sacred Heart Children's Choir. Their first song, the Mothers Day song "Thank you mum" was an instant hit and requests were received from around the world for copies of the CD. This was followed by the First Holy Communion Song "Come meet me" which also received acclaim. A Christmas song "Things will never be the same again" followed. "Seven times Seven" and "The Sower" have now been added to their repertoire and "Who wants to be first?" will be added soon. More songs are in the pipeline. "As long as the choir keep on singing them, we will keep on writing them."

Featured Songs

Come meet me midi (0.04mb) Chords
A First Holy Communion song for children.
Hail Mary midi (0mb)
Holy Holy midi (0.02mb)
Lamb of God midi (0.01mb)
Lord have midi (0.01mb)
Seven times seven mp3 (1.04mb)
Seven times Seven - a song for children, based on Matthew 18: vs 21-22 on the theme of forgiveness. Children tend to want to dance around whilst singing this one. Very lively, but with a serious message, which is sometimes hard to follow.
Shiny People midi (0.06mb) Chords
Thank you mum mp3 (1.3mb) Chords, Chords
Mothers Day Song - a song for children to sing to their mothers on Mothers Day and throughout the year. When singing this song in church, the penultimate line can be changed to "You’re my hero, you're my chum". Children love singing this one.
The sower mp3 (2.35mb) Chords
Based on the parable of the sower. Health warning! This song is repetitive - which children love, but it is one of those songs which you'll be singing in your head all day and hating yourself for singing it.
Things will never be the same mp3 (1.13mb) Chords
The Christmas song "Things will never be the same again" Very popular - gets lots of airplay around Christmas time on our regional radio station. Modern carol with timeless message.
Who wants midi (0.07mb) Chords


Patrick Ambrose
33 Blackwall Rise
Sowerby Bridge
West Yorkshire