Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

Grassroots Christian songwriters

Aaron Graham


Aaron Vaughan Graham was born in 1972 in Northern Ireland were he still resides to this day. Brought up in a Christian Home grew to love the Lord and accepted him as His Lord and Saviour at a young age. Aaron always enjoyed singing and began to sing solo at the age of 10. Later as the years progressed at 16 Aaron began to preach the word of God in his local Church from then God began to work in his life in a real way. Aaron began to sing more and travelled with his father to Scotland to sing at 3 services that same year Aaron sang at the Apostolic Church International Church Celebration with an attendance of 2-3000 people a recording was made on cassette and it is a time Aaron will never forget. Then in 1994 went to Sweden for two weeks and was asked to sing as part of an Operation Mobilisation group. God began to open many doors. In 1998 Aaron went to Canada and the USA for a holiday and was asked to sing in the Apostolic Church in Toronto. As the years have moved Aaron has sang at many church and youth events throughout Northern Ireland. In 1999 Aaron wrote Your Anointing. Aaron has been called to lead worship and has been doing so for 10 or more years he currently leads worship in Hope International Christian Fellowship Belfast Aaron is married to Sharon and has a daughter Hannah and a son Nathan.

Your Anointing was picked up by Kevin Mayhew Publishing the song has never been published as of yet but is listed in CCL across the globe. Aaron continues to sing and lead worship and has written a few more songs which are featured on his 2003 Album The power of the cross Aaron released a second 2005 album titled Only Imagine which features many ccm songs. Aaron recently did a few shows with Paul Wheater better known as Englands Jim Reeves and Mid South Boys from USA. Aaron has a passion for music and the ministry and believes he has been called to lead people into the presence of God

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