FW2 - With One Voice

FW2 - With One Voice - CD

Discountinued stock, so we will burn a CDR of the album for you - no insert booklet, but all the lyrics and sheet music can be all be downloaded free from our songs page.

With One Voice includes songs that have become very popular, including the rocky "Come and Sing", the Brown Bear Music classic, "Waterfall", and the beautiful "A time to mourn"

1. Father's seeking (With one voice)
2. Come and sing
3. You are the best
4. Lord we lift you high
5. Spirit, Holy Spirit
6. A time to mourn
7. There is a place
8. Perfect love (You accept me as I am)
9. Waterfall (My sould thirsts for you)
10. Lord we cry out
11. Let's get fit