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Pulse: worship for today's generation


The Pulse series of albums is an exciting new resource of contemporary worship songs, arranged in a style that will appeal to teenagers and young adults. Featuring songs that are familiar modern favourites, as well as new ones from the best youth writers in the UK and worldwide, these albums provide the refreshing, contemporary style that youth can relate to, and an integrity of lyrics and content that mean the rest of the church will not feel alienated. Two albums are available initially at 12.99 (aprox $18.49) each, and you can order from our secure online shop.

Pulse - The Rhythm of Heaven

The Rhythm of Heaven

This album features songs by some of the very best contemporary writers from the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. With arrangements by Matt Wanstall of "World Wide Message Tribe" fame, the arrangements are fresh, and appropriate for a collection of some of the strongest songs in use in worship all over the world today.

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More than oxygen Brian Doerksen
Here I am (I will always love your name) Paul Oakley
Wake up, my soul Matt Redman
Father of creation (Let your glory fall) David Ruis
Over all the earth (Lord, reign in me) Brenton Brown
Over the mountains and the sea Martin Smith
Jesus, lover of my soul John Ezzy, Daniel Grul, Stephen McPherson (Hillsongs)
I've come to meet with you (Through the veil) Tim Beck
Lord you have my heart Martin Smith
This is my desire (I give you my heart) Reuben Morgan
Come on all us singers Martin Smith
When the music fades (The heart of worship) Matt Redman

Pulse - The Heart of Worship

The Heart of Worship

Produced and arranged by Ian Mizen (Brown Bear Music), and featuring world-class musicians like Kevan Frost (guitars) and Raul D'Olivera (trumpet), this is an album that has all the quality and credibility that this generation deserves, and a passionate sense of worship and dedication to God.

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Take me into reality Joel Pott
All I have in this world (Kiss your feet) Martin Smith
Sometimes you're barely touching John Ellis & Tracey Ellis
There's a place (Because of you) Paul Oakley
Send a breakthrough, Lord Dean Rush
Standing here Hannah Middleton & James Middleton
O Lord, I am devoted to you Martyn Layzell
Many are the words we speak (Now to live the life) Matt Redman
I just want to love Tim Hughes
We've got to see and end (Waiting for the healing) Ian Mizen & Andy Pressdee
In so many ways (Adore) Shonelle Barnes
I will live to declare your glory (You are the holy one) Joel Engle