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Map of Africa, showing Zimbabwe in yellowBack in 2002 we heard of a church in Zimbabwe who were in need of musical equipment.  Having been born myself in Harare, we were only too pleased to send some instruments and PA out.

Here is part of the letter we received from Handsen Chikawore from Glen-norah Methodist Church:

22 July 2002

Dear Mike,

The churchOnce more , I greet you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that you are well - and that everything is going on well for you. I would like to thank you for the musical instruments that you sent us. May the grace of the Lord be with you brother. Thank you so much for assisting the poor people and I am happy that you donation will go a long way towards bring lost souls to the house of the Lord.

We received the instruments and I am sure M Reverend Doctor Kadenge confirmed that to you. Brother you did such a wonderful job to the history of Glen-norah Methodist Church and I am really sure that God will greatly bless you for that.  Through the musical instruments we received , our church members have drastically increased and some members of the church have to listen to the preaching of the reverend whist they are seated outside the church you.

Tha churchOur boys Christian Union members how also increased Many thanks to your efforts and your charity organisation which have enable lost souls to come to God. God bless you so much brother for wonderful donations that you have done.


Inside the churchMike all boys at the church want to be part and parcel of the music group and they would like to sing very much. Our main church choir won the number 1 last year in Zimbabwe. All churches in Zimbabwe were competing from , Methodist , Baptist , Anglican , Lutheran , Apostolic Faith Mission , Glen-norah Methodist Church won number out of more than 1000 churches. I am very happy Mike and I do not know how I can thank you. My Lord knows how happy I am about the instruments. 


I have enclosed photos which were taken at our church. 


 I hope that Mike one day, if the Lord provide you may come and see how people at our church have benefited from the music instruments and how the instruments haw helped many lost souls to come to our Almighty God.


Handsen Chikawore

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