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Light a candle in the darkness...This section is for children, wherever they are in the world, to tell each other what they would like prayer for, to pray for each other, and then to record any answers to prayer. Entries are reviewed before they are posted for safety, but aside from that, this page is by children, for children. Some adults will also be praying for the topics shared on this page in complete confidentiality.

Use the form below to send in your items for prayer, or to write down a prayer for something you see on this page, or to send in details of an answer to prayer. Put this page in your bookmarks (or "Add to Favourites") so that you can check back every so often and see how things are going.

We believe that God hears all our prayers, and that even if the answer does not come straight away, or is not what we expected, then he is faithful . Jesus said "Ask, seek, knock", and "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer". When we agree in prayer, then it can be even more powerful, which is the idea behind this page - you can know that others will agree with you in prayer, and you can pray for them too!

Prayer Bear says...Have a look at the items below, and perhaps you could pick one or two to pray for? If you'd like to write down your prayer and send it in, then use the form below. Thank you!

You don't have to send us an email address. If you do we promise we won't give it to anyone else.
Your prayer will appear on this page a few days after you send it.

Items for prayer - the most recent are at the top of the list.
Entries below are from Jan 2008 onwards - older entries can be found in the Prayer Zone Archive.

Item From Prayer
25 Navjot, 8 Dear Lord, I pray that I will be the gem of the week on Friday 14 March please. Please help my mom, dad and brother with our money. Help me in class so that I can get some house points to win gold and also make my mom and dad never fight until I am 25 years old. Amen
24 Rachael Please look after all of my friends and make them stop hurting quickly. Please try to forgive me, I didn't mean to be bad. Amen
23 Stephen,6 Dear Jesus, It's not fun to be sick. I know You are with all the sick children, let them feel Your comfort as You help them to get well. Thank You so much for hearing my prayer and for all Your angels who watch so carefully over all of us day and night. Amen
22 anon. Dear Lord, please help me throughout my exams. I know that anything is possible with You. Hear everyone's prayers. Amen
21 anon. Dear Father, will you please help Laney to get better and to give her and her family strength to get through this tough time. I have you all in my prayers. Amen
20 Virginia, 7 To our heavenly father, help my papa, Evertt, and my nonie, Tracy, get well. Will you please help my mom have the strength to quit smoking and to get through school and become a nurse. Help me to be a better person. Help me do good in class. Thank You Lord for taking care of my papa, Ken. Amen.
19 Paige, 10 Dear Lord, please help me with my family troubles, You know what I am talking about. I am also having trouble dealing with Tanner's (my dog) death. Also, help all of the other children around the world with their problems. Bless You, God. I love you very much.

Mar 08

Kate, 10 Dear God, bless the Newcastle & Hexham diesis because their bishop has passed away. Amen
17 Veema, 8 Dear Lord, I thank you for giving me this lovely day. Bless my parents, teachers, friends, relations and enemies. Help us to be in good health and take care of all those who need Thy help. Grant eternal rest to all those who have departed before us O! Lord and may their souls rest in peace with you. Amen
16 Julie, 7 I pray for my mum because she has a really bad fever and I hope she will be better tomorrow.
15 Sandra, 6 I pray for my Dog's paws. Amen
14 Gemma, 6 Dear God. Tell my great Nanny I love her all the stars in the sky. I just can't say it enough. All the family are thinking of you.
13 Theresa, 12 Dear Lord, I pray for my grandpa who's having an operation today because he's blocked up somewhere in his tummy, I pray that the operation will be ok. Amen
12 Holly, 13 Dear Lord, Please bless Laney and all the other children who have written prayers and help take away their troubles and pain. Thank you, Amen
11 Holly, 13 Dear Lord
I'm scared of what's wrong with my leg- please help heal it and take the pain away. Please help my Gran get better from her blood clots and please help my mum quit smoking. I know it seems a lot to ask but please can you help with my anger problem and help stop me getting detentions. Bless Rhiannon and Frankie and Olivia and Liam and Amber and Gina and all my friends. I know it all sound stupid but I'm scared and upset. Please let me do well in my exams and please make me feel happier soon. Bless Ewan in heaven and make sure his pain from his leukaemia are taken away and make sure his families pain heals soon.
Thank you, In your eternal beauty and power, Amen
10 Charlotte, 13 Dear God, when people go to heaven I hope that you make them feel as loved as they are down on earth. Make them happy as they are in a better place with people who love them. You only get one chance at life and then it is to heaven. Please make it when my one chance is over, in heaven it will be just as great. Amen
9 Ammu, 6 Thank you god for all the beautiful flowers. Thank you for the bright sun. You are so kind and helpful. God help me to be safe and also my family. I love you, help me when I am at school.
Feb 08
Sophie, 9 Goodness is stronger than evil; Love is stronger than hate; Light is stronger than darkness; Life is stronger than death; Victory is ours through Him who loves us.
7 Lyddy,9 Dear Lord, thank you for dying on the cross to save me, Amen
6 Jonny, 8 Dear Lord, help me be good all of the time.
5 Laney, 6

Dear Lord, I know you have your angels working to help heal me. Please make the bubble in my brain go away - turn it into flowers and blow it away on the wind... Amen (I told my mommy to type this for me)

4 Henna, 14

Dear Lord, I pray that you will heal my mom and grandma. Please help both of my brothers to quit smoking and help my sister to control her anger more, and help me become a better person. In your beautiful, powerful, awesome name, Amen

3 Topping, 9

Lord, please help me at school and bless Serie and Lisa

2 Lydia, 9

Thank you for letting me have a 9th Birthday. Amen

Jan 08

Please pray for my son Steven, for his good studies and concentration to appear for exam on 21.2.2008

Entries from before 2008 can be found in the Prayer Zone Archive

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