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PowerSource - REACTORSMike has been involved with writing for the 11+ age-group of the new PowerSource Children's material. If you use it, check out Module 4 - 'Easter Evidence'.

PowerSource Press Release:

Powersource is a brand-new Sunday School and Children's Ministry resource from the highly regarded publisher Kevin Mayhew. It is designed to help children discover more about God, his love for them, and how they can follow him.

Detailed Leader's Guides and beautifully illustrated Task Sheets are available, aimed at four distinct age ranges.

* Sparks -- for Under 5s
* Transformers -- ages 5-7
* Generators -- ages 8-10
* REACTORS -- ages 11 and above

Two other publications are available under the Powersource banner.

These are:

* Connections, a resource for all-age worship, be it a full 60-minute service or a short time together before the youngsters leave for their own activities;
* and
* Multifaze, for the smaller, all-age children's group where numbers (and/or leaders) are insufficient to create separate age groups.

All the Powersource books consist of undated modules of varying lengths. This is to enable leaders to plan a programme to suit their needs, especially if extra events happen that mean they do not use the Powersource material on those occasions.

Many, of course, will simply use the material in the order in which it occurs. Themes have been chosen as a balance of Old and New Testament studies, contemporary discipleship, the world-wide church and some church history.

For more information contact:

Kevin Mayhew Publishers
IP14 3BW

Tel: 01449 737978
Fax: 01449 737834