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Guide to ordering

The front page of the FWR shop, which opens in a new windowStep 1

The Family Worship Resources Shop opens in a new window (left). Browse the various departments, clicking on the 'shopping cart' icon (right) to add items to your basket.


Click on 'Checkout' to send off your orderStep 2

Click 'Checkout' on the top menu an follow the on-screen instructions. You're not committed to anything at this stge of the process, but we do send out an email acknowledging your order.


Fill in your details on our Secure Payment ServerStep 3

If you chose to pay by credit card online, fill in the WorldPay form (left) - it's totally secure! - then click 'make payment' to complete your order.


The hi-tech Family Worship order processing machine... or 'Chris' as I'm more usually knownWhat happens after that?

The first thing I do every Monday (I only work on Mondays!) is check the email orders. I put your order together - bubble wrapping the tapes and CD's for extra protection. Every Monday lunchtime I take the week's orders down to the post office

Your order should arrive within 5-8 days of the Monday after you place it.

Click here, or use the link at the top of the screen, to open the Family Worship Resources Shop in a new window.