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Hey! How many of you think that the world only has dogs cats and fish? Not many, well that's good! Because there are so many different species of animals!

Here's one to start you off, now promise not to scream or hide....


A beautiful tiger Eight kinds of tiger once ranged freely in wooded forests over vast areas of Asia. Today, only five subspecies are known to survive and all of these are classified as endangered.





RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! (did I scare you?)


The Florida panther is the last of the mountain lions to be found in the eastern United States. Only the Everglades' remote terrain and recent conservation measures have enabled it to survive. Panther






I have received a very interesting email from a young girl named Sara. This is what the email contained.

"There is an animal in the desert called a Pika! No, I'm not talking about the Pokemon, Pikachu! Sweet name don't you think? It's a rodent (obviously)! It runs very very very fast!!!"

Now I did not know there was such an animal! So I looked the Pika up and found some very cute pictures of the rodent so here they are!

        It's very good at camouflage!

This stocky, tailless little animal with the Roman nose is about 175 mm long and is found in the mountain regions of western Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon. Diurnal in its habits, it appears in early morning and disappears into its grass-lined nest, hidden in rock crevices, shortly after sunset. 
     The pika spends considerable time sunning itself on a favourite lookout rock, against which its ‘salt-and-pepper’ coat is difficult to distinguish. 
     Remaining active throughout the winter under the snow, the pika subsists on stacks of cured grasses and sedges which it stockpiles during the summer months. 
     Preyed upon by eagles, hawks, bears and foxes, its most dangerous foe is the ermine, which is capable of following it into its rocky tunnels. 

Thank you Sara for your very interesting email!

I need many more emails and pictures to put on this page! Do any of you have a favourite animal which lives in the wild? Perhaps you have seen animals whilst on holiday, if you have or if you want me to research any animal then email me!


Check out this selection!

How many different animals can you spot in here? If you can name them all then send me an email, Il post the name of the first person to name every animal!

This animal is very cute! Anybody know what it is called?

Send me pictures!

Now one animal, which confuses many, is the Dolphin. A gorgeous creature, which s often mistaken for a fish, is in fact a mammal!

I love Dolphins, they are very beautiful and are such crowd pleasers! Some Dolphins are bred in captivity as they are not strong enough to look after themselves, however many live in the wild free and very happy! Dolphins are very intelligent creatures and their high pitched squeaks are in fact their way of talking! why not try squeaking at one, and see if it talks back!

Here are a few pictures which show dolphins at their best looking very streamlined and beautifully happy in their natural habitat...

dolphin's face

                                                                                                                      tailstand  pectoral fins

Don't they look so happy, do send me pictures of your favourite animals!




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