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Here are some new puzzles.  Try them, then highlight the blank area under each question (click and drag the mouse over the area) to read the answers.

Good luck!

Puzzle #1

If you are walking forwards, but travelling backwards, and the only motion is provided by you (not on a train, in a river etc., where are you?

on a log, a large ball, or any spherical or cylindrical object.


Puzzle #2

What happened in Paris on June 31st 1945?

absolutely nothing. June has only 30 days.


His horse's name was Friday!

Puzzle #3

A prisoner was made to carry a heavy sandbag from one side of the compound to the other. Whe he got to the other side, he had to take it back again. This went on, hour after hour, day after day, until the prisoner realised that he could put something in the bag that would make it lighter. What is it?

a hole!



Puzzle #4

what is a city in which a person cannot enter?



4 - remember that one of Clare's grandmother's children must be her mother and father!

Puzzle #5

What can fill a great big house but still weigh less than a tiny mouse?



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