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Light a candle in the darkness...This section is for children, wherever they are in the world, to tell each other what they would like prayer for, to pray for each other, and then to record any answers to prayer. Entries are reviewed before they are posted for safety, but aside from that, this page is by children, for children. Some adults will also be praying for the topics shared on this page in complete confidentiality.

Use the form below to send in your items for prayer, or to write down a prayer for something you see on this page, or to send in details of an answer to prayer. Put this page in your bookmarks (or "Add to Favourites") so that you can check back every so often and see how things are going.

We believe that God hears all our prayers, and that even if the answer does not come straight away, or is not what we expected, then he is faithful . Jesus said "Ask, seek, knock", and "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer". When we agree in prayer, then it can be even more powerful, which is the idea behind this page - you can know that others will agree with you in prayer, and you can pray for them too!

Prayer Bear says...Have a look at the items below, and perhaps you could pick one or two to pray for? If you'd like to write down your prayer and send it in, then use the form below. Thank you!

You don't have to send us an email address. If you do we promise we won't give it to anyone else.
Your prayer will appear on this page a few days after you send it.

Items for prayer - the most recent are at the top of the list.
Entries below are from Jan 2008 onwards - older entries can be found in the Prayer Zone Archive.

Item From Prayer
233 Louis, 8

Dear God please help me with my history assignment, it is very hard and I have no more information to put in it and I still need to write about 750 words. It is about Jerusalem during the crusades. My history teacher is very strict and I will get in a lot of trouble if the assignment doesn't fit the criteria. Also I have adhd, please help me concerntrate today as I try to complete the task. It is due on monday and I am very busy tomorrow so today is my last chance to get it done. Please please help me. Thank You God x

232 DJ

Please Lord Jesus heal my daughters body, for she is in such bad pain. Please lift the pain out of her and restore her body back to being healthy again.She has become depressed because she is in such pain, please Lord Jesus help my child. I ask in your precious name and I thank you for all your Jesus name amen

231 Abi, 11

Dear God, I am seriously scared of sickness. Never let me get anything like cancer, or anything else.

Also, I have no friends. Please bring some friends into my life to be with. It makes me feel lonley, and no one knows I exist because I have no were to show my face, exept school, but there everyone ignores me, but now it is summer.


230 Eliza, 7

Dear Lord thank you for my house and my mum and dad and sister and my brother

229 Eliza, 7

Please care for the sick people who can die

228 Neve

Lord, please stop the enviness of a girl. She is trying to take my friend off me. Please clear my mind as I am getting down because of it.

Thank You

227 Hannah, 11 Dear God, I know you're angles are watching over me in my house and my room but i'm still afraid of the dark. I know you and angels are watching over me and are everywhere I go but I'm still afraid. Every night I turn on the t.v. and my huge lamp. I always see shadows in my room. I know it's either my imagination or angels but you know I'm still scared! Please help me over my fear of the darkness. :) Amen.
226 Bena, 13

My sister need this job she wants so Mom and Dad don't need to give her more money to help her with food and where she lives. I tried to give her some of my money because she doesn't want our parents's money but she said no and started to cry. I want her to be happy.

225 Jennifer, 11

I want to pass to the 6th grade and get good grades on the CRCT  Test I am taking.

224 Christina, 9

Father God as I watched the news my heart broke for those caught up in the earthquake.  Lord I ask that you be the God of peace and strength to these people.  Father I pray for the rescue teams, may they not falter or faint as they search for survivors.  May they be successful Lord in their mission.  Be with their families Lord as the emergency services work in dangerous buildings.  Keep them safe Lord.  Father, I bring the grieving to your throne of mercy.  Comfort them Lord, carry them in the days and weeks ahead.For those who fear another quake, may they be stilled Lord.  May your gospel of salvation and peace be heard.  Amen.

223 Lizzy, 9

Dear God, please take care of my friends dog she is sick and she can barely even move. She keeps pooping out blood and corn. Lola[dog]keeps breathing harder and harder. My friend and me prayed for her to get up and walk. Then after we prayed she got up and started to play and walk. Thank you lord for making our prayer come true!!!

222 Hope

Lord, I have been going through a lot lately, and I just want to have it all over with. Please heal me spritually and physically.  Please keep my family safe, healthy, and near you. Amen.

221 Kimby, 12

I thank You for this day were I could go out and play. Please help the people that have lost loved ones and the people in the army and the hospital. Lord please forgive people from there sins and you know we dont have to sing good we have to sing a joyfull noise. Amen

220 Kimby, 12

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for this day where we could play. Please forgive us when we fail You. You are a mission. I know it is hard that you had to give up your life for us sinners. Amen

219 Unknown

Please God keep us safe and please forgive me for my sins that I have made. Amen

218 Kayla

Dear Father, my brother just got surgery... he is having a hard time. Both my grandmas died! They were my everything.. and I know that are safe God because they are in your hands. Please keep my family save Lord you are the only one that can do that! I know my family and I do things wrong and we are sorry for that Lord. You sent Your only son Jesus to die on the cross for us, we didnt earn that. So with all your body safe me and my family. Help me do good on my test. Not to get in trouble. And help my brother on the test too. I will keep you in my heart and think about You. In Jesus name I pray Amen

217 Grace

Pray for me for strength to do my homework and for concentration and to stop procrastinating.

216 Megan, 12

Dear Lord, I thank you for all the things you have done for me and my family. I want to ask you to touch the people that have failed you and the people that lost love ones and in the hospital give us our daily bread. Please help the people that have loved ones that are in the army please help the people that are on prayer lists. Please help the people who are sick get well. Thank you, Amen

215 Max Troutman, 1

Please pray for my dog max he is sick we think he swallowed something for the second time. Please Lord make him better thank you.

214 Jada Jacocks, 10

LORD GOD almighty I come before your presence knowing that whatever I ask I shall receive. Therefore I am asking for help with my daughters reading problem. What can I do to help her

213 Summer Lord I pray for good friends and fellowship. Amen
212 Amber, 10

Lord I thank you for this day, so I can go out and play.

Thank you for your endless love and most of all thank you for

everything you have done for us. Amen!

211 Rachael Mazzi

I need prayer for my health I have been sick for days and am not getting better

210 Chrissy, 13

Dear Lord,

Please help my Grandpa through his surgery and guide and watch him. He has done so much for me and I would never want to lose him. Please help him. I love him with all my heart. We are very far away from him and we want him to know we love him.


Marcel, 14

Dear Lord, please help me concentrate in school and help me get good grades on my assignments so I can make my parents proud and myself, also please keep my family safe from the dangers of the world and keep them healthy, Lord please forgive me for my sins and help me be a better person. Amen

208 Brooklyn, 15

Dear Lord,

I need help :( My brother has a drug addiction to weed. He needs to find you and find you soon. He's only 16 and has a whole life in front of him. I need you lord. This has been going on since he was in 7th grade. I love him and I CANNOT lose him! My family has fallen apart from it. We barely even talk anymore. He needs to know who you are. I try and try and try. I want to give up but you give me strength <3 I love you lord! He just needs help!

207 Roselin, 9

Dear Father,

Give me knowledge to study well. I forget all I have studied when I enter the exam hall. Give me good handwriting which will make my mommy happy.

I pray for my parents and my grandmother. Give them all good health. I pray for my teachers and friends be with them and guide them.

Thank you Father

In Jesus name I pray Amen

206 Kierra

Lord I pray that you heal my grandmother she's my everything I love her so much please give her strength to see me in the future gradaute from college that all she wants from me please dont take her away from me

205 13

Please help me! My dad needs to let you into his life more. He never goes to church. He is always yelling and screaming at me and my brothers. Will you help my brother that just went to college have a good and safe time. My dad always cuses. He never goes to church. I know my dad goes through alot but he has always been this way.

Lord, please forgive me for my sins. I always try changing my ways and it always seems to never work out. I always try to pray and thank you for everything you do. I am trying to change my life and I just want everybody to be safe and happy. In Jesus name, Amen

204 Emily, 10

I am starting to go church now because you have changed my world around also please keep my family and pet rabbit nibbles in good health thank you.


Michael Jacocks, 9

Just asking the HOLY SPIRT to help my daughter to read better and to show me what I am doing wrong

202 Children of Saint Catherine's School Australia

We pray for all the people who are suffereing in Africa. We ask that God gives them strength and that leaders and the wealthy are moved to share their money and belongings. We also pray for the children of Japan who have lost their homes, families and friends in the tsunami. May their communities be rebuilt quickly.

Please join us in our day of prayer.

201 Jeffery, 9

I wanna pray for all those who are in danger and dont know how to behave and commit suicide. I hope they don't Lord cause I don't want that to happen. If it does I pray for it not to. Lord please forgive me for my sins I do admit I'm a great big sinner I'll stop sinning for the rest of my life Lord please forgive me I ask you with all my heart now please forgive me.

200 Alex, 11

Dear lord, I pray that my father changes. He is mean to me and my brother, yells at us,and has mood swings. I pray that he starts believing in the Lord. He is making some bad choices lately and I pray for him to get better.

Please also Lord help me as I start at a new school, middle school. I pray that I make good friends and do well in my classes.


199 Amy, 15

Dear Lord

Take care of my granny until I can be with her in your heaven. Help me get through these hard times and to not forget her. I thank you Lord in Jesus name

Amen xx

198 Jessica, 10

Lord I pray you that you take care of me and my family. Please help my dad who is trying to work hard. Devil you are a liar we do not trust you. Please help me to concentrate in school. Lord we thank you also, Lord please forgive me. I pray that you may rule my life from now and I will be your obedient kid forever. Praise in Jesus name. Amen.

197 Kathryn, 12

Dear God, please help me with my temper. Please help me find my heart and your path Lord. Please help me to make the right choices; And please keep me and the rest of my family safe as we fly to Ohio tomorrow. Amen

196 13

Dear God , please teach people how to live with out fighting.

195 SS, 13

Dear Lord I hope you will help me with my GCSE's in the future I am really scared I hope you understand


194 Kathi, 12

Dear God, Please forgive me when I fail you or when you are disappointed in me. I know I should try harder to obey you and I will. Help me realize that I need to forgive people for all the wrong they have done. They don't know you and don't know how to obey. Bless me so I will do what you and my parents ask. Bless me so I will do what's right. Also,help my friend who's uncle is in the hospital. I don't want her to suffer death like I had to. Bless the people who don't go to church. Help me sing for you in the singing competition Saturday. Thank you beacause I'm alive and healthy. Thank you for everything. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

193 Erin

Pray that poor kids in Africa will have food, water, things, and better shelter to live in.

192 Matthew, 11

Dear Lord please help to become a good christian and to follow the bible and not to sin and please help me to have a good time in secondary school in September Amen

191 Jessica, 10

Dear God I thank you for everything, for what I have

 God please help my family for any sickness

Devil you are a lie we don't trust you

amen and...

Heavenly Father, I don't deserve to talk to You because I am a big sinner. Oh Lord, I am so sorry for my sins. Lord please forgive me. I pray that you may rule my life from now and I will be your obedient kid forever. Praise in Jesus name. Amen.also..

help me concentrate in school.

190 Libby, 10

Dear Lord,

Thank you for all you do for us- we may not know it but it helps us. Please help Mrs Fallon ans Mrs Green recover from cancer so they can return to S.T. Mary's


189 Nathan, 7

Dear God, please look after our world and make sure that terrorists do not exist. Amen

188 Louis, 7

Dear God thank you for our food and drink and homes to live in and beds to sleep in. Amen

187 Owen, 7

Dear God please dont let anyone else die in my family Thank you

186 Eleanor, 10

Dear God, Please Help my Grandad to get better and that he has a healthy recovery and be released from hospital. I love him so much and can't bear to lose him, he's always been there for me through good times and bad. I don't want him to die.


185 13

Heavenly Father, I don't deserve to talk to You because I am a big sinner. Oh Lord, I am so sorry for my sins. Lord please forgive me. I pray that you may rule my life from now and I will be your obedient kid forever. Praise in Jesus name. Amen.

184 Arianna, 8

Dear God, please help me concentrate in school.

183 Michael, 7

Dear Lord please help my mom to stop suffering from her broken ankle. Thank you Lord  Amen.

182 Saskia, 12

Dear Lord, Please help My family get through hard times with eachother, and please help My friend megan shaw to get an assited flat and help us not to fight when there is no need to. Please protect us from any bad things and help us to stand strong in faith, and in prayer, Thank you for everything you give us today, and forever more. In Jesus name, Amen

181 Georgia, 10

God, thank you for our wonderfull life what we eat and live on is all thanks to you. You made us, you made everything you possibly could for a long and healthy life. This pray is for people who dont have much because of floods earthquakes and terriorist attacks please help them. Amen

180 Cathy

Dear Lord may you put Your hand upon my grandparents through this hard time. Amen.

179 Lily, 5

Dear God, please make my grandma come back to life. Amen

178 Katherine, 12

Dear God, I pray that you would help me with my assignment its about Easter customs and I just dont understand it please help me Amen

177 Hugo, 10

Dear God, We are sorry for doing wrong things. Please forgive us. Help us forgive those who are unkind to us. Amen

176 N/A

Dear God, please take good care of my mom who is sick. Please take out all her pain, please. Help her, thank you dear God and I love you so much.

175 Kennedy, 11

Dear God, I want to come closer to you but I don't know how Jesus can you show me how.

174 Taylor, 11

Dear God thank you for this day and for all those people who are poor and unloved right now tell them that a gift from the heart will come and you not be unwanted Amen

173 Jemma

Dear God, please help my nan at this hard time give her the strength to get through christmas with us. Amen.

172 Jemma

Dear God, please help my little friend Elliott & all his family at this hard time give them strength to get through it. Amen.

171 N/A

Please help me not to be distracted please and help me finish everything and do well on the exams to make my parents proud and me too. I love You.

170 N/A Please help me Lord
169 Madeleine,14

Please help me with exams coming up. I'm really stressed out and on top of that I have a project to do. I keep getting distracted from what I need to do so please God help me. Thank you.

168 Joshua, 6 and Julia,10

Help me to know you more, and to always have a listening ear, and kind. We pray for our Daddy who is off late getting very high Bp. Please pray for our Daddy.Help us to know you more and more as each day goes.

167 Lucy, 8

Dear Lord, I thank you for all the things we have xxxxxxx Lucy.

166 Chelsea,15

Dear God Please help everone who is poorly and having a bad time in their lifes, please will you help my nana who is really ill and my lil sis who has just got out of hospital and please help all them that are in the war or have died in the war help everyone in their problems and if they are ill help them and heal them until they are better. Thank You God, we all love You Amen xx

165 Issac, 10

Dear Lord, Please help us to be better people and to treat eachother with respect. Please help us all to get on with eachother even though we have different personalities. Please help us to be kind to our friends and family, because we want to be a good to everyone. Amen.

164 Ally, 14

Dear Lord, Thank you for everything you do I love you so much! I ask that you please watch over my family and animals. Also the animals and people all over the world as they are your children. Please help me in the journey of making sure everyone is safe and that everyone finds strength to trust you.Thank you for making this a happy day for all and please continue to help those in need. Amen.

163 Seraphina,15 Dear Lord, Thank you for everything you have given to me: my family, friends, a great school, and so much more! Thank you for always being there for me when I needed you most. Please help me to do better in school so that I will not feel so stressed as I do nowadays. I love you with all my heart/mind/soul/spirit/strength. I pray that you, too, will be relaxed because you do so much for the people of our world. Thank you, Lord.
162 Vinny

Dear lord watch over my little godson Vinny J he has not reached his first birthday give him the strength he needs to fight.

161 Zophia

Dear God my name is Zophia. I want you to talk to me because I am too scared to talk. I love u and want to get to know you. Love Zoey.

160 Jas, 11

Thank you god for all the justice. Amen

159 Jack, 7 Dear God, Please help me to have a good life and good days at school. I pray for all the kid in school to believe in God. Amen
158 Franklin, 7

Dear God thank you for this lovely and beautiful life.

157 Ella, 11 God help me, I want to be kind to children at school.
156 Louise, 10 Please Lord help my fried who is suffering from cancer. They are strong but please help them and their family and friends get through this terrible time. I beg of you please help them and anyone else who suffers from this life threatening disease. Amen x
155 Emily, 10 Dear lord god please help my moms friend
she had a horrible cancer. Amen
154 Julli, 14 Thank you God, so much. I'm alone but I feel some help everyday.
God, please, bless everybody and everything in this wonderful world.
153 Carl,12 Dear God
Thank you for your love, guidance. Thanks for giving more blessings.
in Jesus name we pray
152 Sara,10 thank you god for everything
151 Julia,14 Dear God,
If you can hear me please help. My parents can not understand me. All the time they don't hear and don't speak with me. This really hurts. Thank you so much.
150 Sophie,11 Dear Lord,
Can you pray for Lucy, her Gran just died from cancer and she is very upset. Can you please reassure Lucy that her Gran is no longer suffering.
Thank you, Amen
149 Cameron, 11 Dear Jesus I really want my house to sell so please do that, also help me to be nice and never ever get a pink slip at school and lord make me wise like king Solomon help me to serve you more. Amen
148 Annie, 11 Dear God,
I thank you for my Family, a good home and a bible.
Thank you for protecting and keeping me safe.
Please help my leg get better.
147 Ciara, 10
Need prayer that I will be a better person I know I cannot change myself. And that I will get a change of myself like last night God changed my heart and renewed it. And I want prayerfor my father because he is in Maryland and grandma that she will understand Gods word and my sister and brother, before God comes. Even myself that I will get a good understanding.
146 Amore, 7 I need help to be a better sister to my brother and sister and to pray more and to listen to my mum and to obey my mum.
145 Amelia, 9 Dear God ,please help my mum she has broken her leg and it is all infected and she cant walk.
144 Sophie God may you guide us,
Dear lord may you guide us with all our hope ,
may you guide us with our protection
may you guide us with our love,
and may you guide us with our minds
143 Alexandra,9 Dear God, help me my family and friend's to do good through our life and never let us down. Amen.
142 Carrington, 15 God I want to thank for what you are doing in my life and my family and friends.
141 Sophia, 14 God, Thank you that you help me in all that I have in my life. God bless my family, please. Thank you so much...
140 Oscar, 8 Dear God , please help my mummy - we just want her home again so we can be a family again. me and dad miss her so so much .
139 Julia, 13 Dear Lord, please help to my mother, we live together without father and now we haven't ant money. My mom is working but now her firm don't pay any dollar. Please help  my mother. And please God, do something so that other people understand me and will come closer to me. I've written poems and feel all hard and happy, that is why I can't understand why they do many things that kill the world. They don't understand that we must care about this world and help .But I love these people and cannot imagine my life without them. Thank you so much. Amen.
138 Julia,13 Thank you that you help me, and understand my hard and happy times. But if you hear me I want to have more friends, real friends that can to help in hard times, give me hand of help. This is my  biggest wish. And my dream to go to the USA, I think it is a wonderful county ,but I can only see this country in my sleep .But I want so much be there. Thank you ...I feel your help to me and this is the wonder of  life and I feel your help to me and that I am not alone .Amen. God bless all this world, everybody and everything.
137 Siaan, 9 Dear god I pray that you will guide me at school help me to listen and learn today . Amen
136 Chelsie Shafferm, 15 Please pray for me and my family.
135 Chloe,8 I pray I won't have ear ache any more. Amen
134 Isaac, 10 Dear Lord, Help me with my homework, my maths and reading. Please pray for my mother too.
133 Melisa, 14 Please pray for my Grandma. She is a special person and I don't want her to feel sad and alone in hospital. I wish I could be there all day with her. I know she gets sicker each day and I feel so sad about it. I know I should feel happy for her because she won't be in pain any more. It makes her sad when I cry and I try to be strong but sometimes I cant help it because I love her so much. I pray that God's angels and all her special friends will be there to meet her. I will miss her so much
132 Chloe, 8 Please help me to become a better person. Amen
131 Brittany, 13 Thank you for every little thing that you have done for me and even things that I take for granted .
130 Em, 8 Dear God, help me to do what you what you want me to do. Forgive me when I do wrong things-when I hurt myself and those around me. Forgive me when I hurt you. Make me want to be the very best that I can be. In Jesus Name. I pray, Amen
129 Lily,12 At home, at school, or at play,
I thank you, Lord, for this new day.
And, dear Lord, help me remember,
That happiness lives inside me forever
128 Litzy,9 Dear God please let me and the people that are sick feel better. I love you. Amen
127 Miranda,8 Dear God, I pray that my family stays safe and healthy for next year  and for my friends and everybody. I am thankful for my house and food. Amen.
126 Arizona,11 Dear lord, I have a bad illness that has been going on for almost a week. please make me feel better. Amen.
125 Mona, 9 Dear God please make me a better person and make me be kindly and not harsh. Amen.



Carrington,14 Please keep me focused for my school work.



Dear God, Please help me to be a better person to all my friends wherever they may be. I hope to be a better person through all of my life.
Please help me God to be a bit more kind to my friends and family, because I want to be a good person.
122 Neo, 13 Thank you so much for every thing you do for us please bless our parents that are far away and that are having problems with money, to just know that you are always with them in hard situations and please help me pass my test week, next week and just to work my hardest and I know I can do it I just need you by my side and I pray that tomorrow when they choose chapel stewards that my name is called out because Lord I do want to be close with you and share my love with you more I thank you in your holy name. Amen.
121 N/A, 5 Dear Lord, I am asking you to look after my dad as he is going through a very difficult time please help him and protect him from bad people, give him strength and protection and please Lord bless my mum and my little brother, me and my family home. Also Lord please bless my Granddad who recently passed away please keep him safe and let him RIP thank you lord I ask all this through your son Jesus Christ AMEN..
120 Hyun, 5 Dear God, Please heal my grandmother. My grandmother is 61, her left ankle is broken. I am so sad about that.
I pray and pray everyday please let her walk and go to church again.
Please answer my pray.
119 Megan,12 Dear Lord Please keep my auntie Tracey safe as she is in hospital and is poorly.
Thank you Lord Amen.
118 Sophie, 7 Dear Lord, please pray for my cat Spot, who died suddenly just before we went on holiday. We miss her so much and so does our other cat ,Snuggles. Amen.
117 Mackenzie, 10 Dear God, I just hope my grandma and grandpa get better soon
116 Aug 09 Thomas, 15 Dear God, please help my pain in my neck go away. I know that I have done things that have caused me to have an unclean soul. I know that this can be healed by going to confession. may you help my neck go away so that I may get back to my daily activities. May you bless my family and I and help keep me and my family healthy. Please answer my prayer. Amen..
115 Dallas, 11 Please pray for my mother, she is lost to drugs, we need her back, she has lost us (my brother and sister) she was saved one year ago. .
114 Cam, 9 Dear Lord, Please let all kids in the world be safe and sound. I pray that all kids with sicknesses get better, and I pray that everyone has a family to love them and a safe roof over their heads every night. I pray that everyone has hope, even in the worst of situations. Please let my dog Lilly get better from her sickness..
113 Justine, 13 Dear Lord, please bless my dog Lilly. She is in the hospital with diabetes and the veterinarians aren't sure she's going to live. Please let her live, Lord. I love her so much and so does everyone in my family. She might not be alive tomorrow. But please let her live and please don't let her be in pain. Everyone in my family is so sad, I've been trying my hardest to be brave for them all. I will be nicer to everyone, especially mom and I will feed the dogs every day without having my parents ask. I promise I'll go to church every Sunday, because I know I don't go enough. I love you so much God. Please let Lilly live and let my family come together and get us through these hard times. Amen..
112 Skye, 9 Thanks for all the pretty things and for letting us borrow this world so thank you God for making the trees and us, Amen

Anthony & Mozart

Dear God, please be with my dog Tanner. He is 10 years old and has been good most of his life. He is really sick and doesn't always want to eat. There is something wrong with his stomach. I know that there are many other important things in this world, but I know that if you will for a second think of Tanner being well he will get better. Thankyou for your time God... .

Carrington, 14

Dear God Keep Denben's family safe including Denben. put your guardian angels around them

109 July 09 Natasha, 10

I pray that my mum wont feel sick any more.

108 Vajaniue, 14

God I want to be more like you I want to do better in school Lord please help me to be more faithful to you Lord I want to learn to forgive even though people do things that really make me feel bad Lord renew my Life.

107 Amy, 12

Dear Daddy God,

Please help Auntie Rachel to feel a little less pain as she has her baby today.

Please help the baby to be healthy and well.

Baby Sophia is already 8 days late please don't let Rachel's pain last any longer. Thank you for All my Family the way we have all helped each other!!!

In Jesus name I love you!


106 June 09 Claire, 13

Dear God can you make Thomas better, Amen.

105 Christian, 12 Please help my friend as she took her parents divorcement hard..
104 Jessica, 13 Lord I can only hope for the best, but please help my mom and keep her alive I now you have a lot to do and I think you for my new life I have only had for one year and a three fourths but Lord, God I am begging for you to help her and Phil and every one in the universe! Lord please help me in my daily walk with you. Lord please help Hannah and give them good results today and Mandy and Hannah's family and mine!

In Jesus name,


103 Ruby, 1 Please Help my Nana in Heaven to be safe with you
102 May 09 Chantelle, 12 God in heaven hear my prayer keep me in your loving care be my guide upon everything I do bless all those who very much love me too.
101 Inaaz, 11 May god shower happiness and blessings on everyone.
100 Anon, 12 Please help me keep focused through the day and help me to pray


99 Azlynn, 10 Dear God, I would like to pray for my teacher, Miss Lovett, to have wisdom and peace. And my class mates. And especially for all my friends and family. Also the list of people on Miss Lovett's board that they may know the Lord. I would like to pray that I will have a good birthday. Amen.


Katie, 8

Thank you for saving our life's by dying on the cross. Thank you for helping me when I was sick and my dad. Please help the poor and the ones in hospital, thank you for making my family and friends be alive. Thank you for everything that you have done. Amen.

97  Apr 09

Keren, 6

I pray you help me do everything well in school and at home and at church to follow rules everywhere I go. I ask you for my daddy so that he watches good stuff on TV and the internet also that he can stay here in Minnesota with Mom, Yolandita and me. And help me every night..


Nyka, 11

Dear God I just want to thank You for keeping me alive, protecting my family and keeping them safe, for keeping Matthew and his family safe, my teachers, friends and the world, please help me to get a good grade. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen. .


Stephen, 12

Thank you for looking after my family, please help me to grow more like you today and everyday.

Please help my sister to learn her times tables quickly..


Tashiana, 8

Dear God, please help me and my brother do better in school and stay focused and help my mom do better..


Emma, 12

Dear lord Jesus I find it hard at school sometimes but I know you're there please help my sister as she is going to do her exams. Amen.


Kallie, 14

Dear God, please help me make the drill team. Help me do my best at the skills we have to do. Help me remember the dance and do my best. Please help me make the team. Please answer my prayer. Much love. Amen. .


Angel, 10

Dear Jesus I really need help in maths and spelling and I want

to ask you to be in my life and to help me a lot in maths and

spelling and to forgive me for all my sins and thanks for

suffering for all of us and I am sorry and I wish I can switch places with you and be you and die on the cross since you got hurt and died for us and again thank you and I love you so much

thank you for helping me. .

90 Mar 09

Jess, 13

Dear Lord please look after my granny and step granddad in heaven, I loved them dearly and miss them so much. Please help me and my best friend make up and please help my fractured thumb get better. Bless all my family especially my mum and dad, I love you too much for words! Look after all the children in need or ill, look after little Laney her pray touched my heart and she is in my prayers. Please keep everyone in this world safe and stop them turning to evil. Peace is the only thing this world could wish for that and pollution.

Thank you lord. Amen..


Amy, 8

Dear God, Amen!


Esther, 9

Dear god please help me with my Arabic.


Adrianna, 11

I wish god will help my Grandpa and Grandma, they are very sick and they live all the way in Serbia and I live in Colorado. I cant see them because my parents lost their job, and we cant visit, I will never get a chance to see them ever again. My grandpa is dying, he lays on his bed because he cant walk. Please God. At least let him walk in freedom..



Dear Jesus, thank you for keeping me safe. We love you and will not stop worshipping you for ever.


Laura, 8

Thank you for the world and all the trees.


Genelle, 11

Dear god please forgive me my sins. God please help me to understand my lessons sincerely. amen.


Kayleigh, 9

Dear heavenly father my sister Karlee has a bad disease. I hope you will help her and my mum, she is doing bad. My brother also has a bad disease. Lord I know all this happens for a reason but will you please help..


Hayley, 9

Dear Lord, I would like it if you could help me in school. I have not been the best child of yours ,but I am sorry. I have been fighting with my sisters and I have not been minding. I would really like it if you could help me be a better child and listen more in school so I won't have bad grades in school because I am trying my best in school. I do not want to be in trouble at home. I love you lord and the angels...


Savannah, 7

I pray that my teacher gets better soon. She is dizzy has a bad foot.


Anon, 9

I hope the people who are sick get better.


Zoe, 11

Dear Lord I pray that my mum will get better and her life will soon improve. I'm scared that something bad will happen to her and I don't want that to happen. I put it all in your loving hands, amen..


Grace, 10

Thank you for the world you have given us and the food you provide for us and all the people that have been in prison or done wrong could you please give them another chance..


Savannah, 8

Dear God please teach me how to swim and help me to learn addition and thank you for caring for us and making us Please answer my prayer. Amen


Lance, 7

Bless everybody in the world and keep us all in your love through Jesus Christ, amen.


Ronak, 7

To god please help make me really good at everything in the world


Shivani, 9

God, please make me not scared.


Nina, 12

Dear Lord I come to you today to first give thanks for all that you do for me and my family. I pray that you will continue to heal me from the leukaemia I was diagnosed with in. I give praise and thanks for helping me this far, for I know that you have made me strong. I ask these things in Jesus mighty name. Amen.


Fiona, 9

Heavenly Father, Make everyday of our life filled with your love and grace. Don't make us be blinded by the dust of the earth. Do not let us befall in the wrong hands. Amen


Lydia, 9

Dear Jesus Thank you for this day of sunshine and for all the blessed things you have done. amen


Kadarius, 7


Dear God, please teach me how to stay focused, finish my class work on time and pay attention. Give me the wisdom and knowledge to learn. I am struggling in reading and I need your help to understand. Let me to the best that I can and respect my fellow classmates. Bless my pencils, paper, books and my teacher, Mrs. Stephen. Help me to pass my tests and forgive me for not doing what my Mum and Greg tell me to do. Please answer my prayer. Amen.



Please pray for my family, we really need all of your prayers. Please pray for my family that nothing will happen to my life. I will be really happy if you pray for my family all together. There are seven of us, Mum and Dad, 3 brothers and 1 sister including me. Please, I need you guys to pray for us. Thank you, everyone..


Narisa, 10

Please help the poor and thank You for making me live for this long.



Dear God, I am here confessing to You and needing your help. Lord, I need your help to make me a better person, a extraordinary basketball player, a better family member and a better boyfriend. God, help me and Mickayla to work out and to be happy together for a long time. Father God, continue to stay with me in this journey I am making in college and in my life, keep me safe and away from evils that can be seen and not be seen. Keep me in your arms and make me perfect and righteous. God, help me to be closer to You in mind, body and spirit, make me great o' Lord and keep me humbled in Your name. Lord help me to have a better personality and a better heart. Help me represent You in everything I do in private and in public, make me so that I worship at all times in my actions. God, You have always been there for me before and I always know Your gonna be there now and You will never desert me and leave me blind without any help. Lord keep me well and in graces with You.

In the name of Your son, Jesus. I love you God, Jesus, and the Angels



Amber, 12

Dear God,
I wish of all the things in the world to go right soon, and I hope that everyone will soon be happy and no-one will ever feel hatred.

Thank You Lord, Amen



Dear Lord, I pray for my granddad who has blood poisoning that he will get well soon. He is 98 and I would love it if he could make it to 100. Please pray for my grandfather, I love him very much. I also pray for all those who are sick in the world and who are dying.



Please Lord, I pray that You help me to do well in my exams. I know that I have not been the best student or child of Yours, but I really hope You give me the chance to make something out of myself and glorify Your name in the future. Amen


Natarlee, 9

Please pray for my brother because he has some exams and is having growing pains. Amen


Ellen, 12

Now Before I Run To Play
Let Me Not Forget To Pray.
To God Who Kept Me Through The Night
And Walked Me With The Morning Light
Help Me Lord To Love Thee More
Than I Ever Loved Before
I My Work And In My Play
Be Thou With Me Through The Day




I Pray that You hear each and every child's prayer in Jesus Name, restore families and deliver them from sickness and disease. I declare restoration and healing in every marriage and for each child in these prayer requests to receive a special revelation of Your unconditional love Father in Jesus Name. I thank You for every child who has prayed in Jesus Name and I pray joy, peace, love, health and victory and prosperity into their lives in Jesus Name. I thank You Father God for the favour on their lives and that they are highly Blessed and Highly Favoured and I pray for salvation for them and their families in Jesus Name amen.



Dear God, sometimes I feel foolish praying to You, but I know I shouldn't. There are so many things I could pray for so I might as well do it right now! I pray for my family to be strengthened with the Holy Spirit, my friends to always be loyal, and for my singing voice to return and improve as fast as possible. I want to thank You for all the blessings in my life, most of which I take for granted, and I also wish that I can be a person that everybody can find something to like about...because I have Christ in me. Make me a strong and confident child of Jesus. Amen :)


Lia, 3

Please help my mum to have a baby. Thank You God that You answer my prayers. Protect me from all harm and danger and I pray for different countries or places that don't have food. Please pray for me that I will walk in the light of the Lord. PRAISE THE LORD!

Dec 08

Rebecca, 9

Dear Lord, help us to grow more like you today and every day and show everyone that we meet.


Elijah, 12

Lord God, please help me in my daily life .Help me in my examination so that I will pass with good results .I ask this to Christ our Lord. Amen


Lana, 11

Dear God, please look after my family that have done so much for me. Thank you that I will soon have my 12th birthday, and that I am here today. Help me pray to you about all my problems and help me to be a good Christian. Amen


Lydia, 9

I love you Lord, Amen

Aug 08


Joey, 7

Dear God-Grandma helped me write this prayer. Please help me not to be mad. I get really mad and can't make myself stop being mad by myself. I also throw things, hit people, and bang on things. I need help to learn how to keep myself from getting so mad. My Grandma and Mummy try to help me, but I don't always listen to them. When I get so mad, I say and do things that I really don't want to do down deep inside me. I also don't like myself a lot of the time. Help me please.


Camille, 11

Thank you for this wonderful day. I am so grateful that you are here with us today. Bless my mommy, my daddy, my brother and my sister, my lola, my lolo, my yayas and each person in this world. Please make this world a better place to live in. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord, Thank you Holy Spirit! Amen.


Rebecca, 11

I want to pray for our singing group to carry on and help us to get better and better at what we do best. I also want to pray for my friend. She always seems to be lonely, help me to be a better friend to her.


Sam, 10

Peace on Earth


Francesca Rae, 13

Dear Lord, Please help my friend in need who's father has just died, help her express her feeling as I feel she is scared to think about it. I want her to know that she will always have a friend in me. Also help her family get through this difficult time and help people with aids. Amen. x


July 08

Ebony, 12

Dear God, I pray to you today to protect my family and friends. I pray that you watch over us and keep us safe. I pray to you to help my aunt to get off of drugs and off the streets. I pray for world peace. I pray that you help the drug addicts that walk the streets and I pray that you bless the homeless and I pray that you bless the people that are sick and unable to see their family. Amen


Sanchari, 12

Please God help me in my English, maths and history and help my Did in her ambition


June 08

Abigail, 11

Dear God, I pray that my asthma will go and I will be free from it, Amen


Charlotte, 11

Dear loving father, I pray for all in need of our prayers Amen


Anon, 11

Dear God I have been lying to myself about being ugly. Please change my attitude and make me happy with what I am. I can't be ugly because I'm made in your image so please lord forgive me. And finally please keep my Mum and sister safe from danger while they are camping, help them to have a good time. Amen


Adrianne, 11

I pray I have a straight A in my examination


Lamar, 6

 Dear God please help me in my school work in reading maths and spelling and take care of my family watch over them and pray for me to pass to the next grade I know God will answer my pray.


Chasey, 9

 Please help the poor. Amen, I love you God


May 08

Holly, 10

Thank you for giving life to us we wish that you will gather us with love and peace. Dear almighty father of heavens and earth grant us our wish and we will live peaceful, harmoniously and gathered with love.


James, 10

 Please make my Dad change and be nice to my mom like he was before and come home to us and be a family. I don't want my mom to cry anymore. Thank you.


Christy, 7

 I want to pray for my Grandma, she is has cancer and I ask that God to relieve her of all the pain she is suffering, I pray that God will be specially close to her and comfort her daily as she walks with the LORD.


Sarah, 10

Pray for Sister Phoebe that she will recover her voice and have good health.


Lim Li

Please pray for a girl name Shermain, who has HFMD, Hand Foot Mouth Disease, and now is hospitalised. Her mother is sick and she is taken care by her grandmum. I pray that she will recover soon.


Justin, 10

 I pray for all my friends; Jaden, Randell, Li xian, Benjamin, Grace, Sarah, Hannah, Rebekah, Gloria, Christy that we will all do well in our coming primary school exam.


Samuel, 5

Dear God, thank you that I have a new towel. This towel is lovely and it has lots of flower.


 Giano, 7

I wish that everything was good


Dusty, 12

My aunt was in a car accident and needs prayer


April 08

Lucy, 15

 Please pray for my gran, she has heart failure and has had to go to hospital tonight in an ambulance she's scared of hospitals my mum and auntie have gone with her (her daughters) please give them the strength to be strong for my gran. Thank you so much. 


Juliet, 10

Dear Lord, I love you so, please protect me today. Amen


Jade, 11

Please look after my friends for me. Amen


Anoop, 12

Please give me good health and intelligence to become a shining star good for every one. Bless my parents, teachers, friends and every living being.



Dear Lord, I bend my knees in front of you today with hope & trust that you'll hear me. I pray for my family & me please be with us & keep us safe under your arms - we're nothing with your love & your presence in our lives. I remember how poor my family was but because you're with us always we go to sleep every night with our stomachs full. I’m thankful for that. I remember crying almost everyday thinking that you don't love me anymore but you showed me that you still love me. Please Lord, give my parents a long life because there is so much I want to do for them


Stephen, 11

Please look after my family and my animals, help them to grow more like you.


Fiona, 9

To help my cousin in her troubled times


Navjot, 8

Dear Lord, I pray that I will be the gem of the week on Friday 14 March please. Please help my mom, dad and brother with our money. Help me in class so that I can get some house points to win gold and also make my mom and dad never fight until I am 25 years old. Amen



Please look after all of my friends and make them stop hurting quickly. Please try to forgive me, I didn't mean to be bad. Amen



Dear Jesus, It's not fun to be sick. I know You are with all the sick children, let them feel Your comfort as You help them to get well. Thank You so much for hearing my prayer and for all Your angels who watch so carefully over all of us day and night. Amen



Dear Lord, please help me throughout my exams. I know that anything is possible with You. Hear everyone's prayers. Amen



Dear Father, will you please help Laney to get better and to give her and her family strength to get through this tough time. I have you all in my prayers. Amen


Virginia, 7

To our heavenly father, help my papa, Evertt, and my nonie, Tracy, get well. Will you please help my mom have the strength to quit smoking and to get through school and become a nurse. Help me to be a better person. Help me do good in class. Thank You Lord for taking care of my papa, Ken. Amen.


Paige, 10

Dear Lord, please help me with my family troubles, You know what I am talking about. I am also having trouble dealing with Tanner's (my dog) death. Also, help all of the other children around the world with their problems. Bless You, God. I love you very much.


Mar 08

Kate, 10

Dear God, bless the Newcastle & Hexham diocese because their bishop has passed away. Amen


Veema, 8

Dear Lord, I thank you for giving me this lovely day. Bless my parents, teachers, friends, relations and enemies. Help us to be in good health and take care of all those who need Thy help. Grant eternal rest to all those who have departed before us O! Lord and may their souls rest in peace with you. Amen


Julie, 7

I pray for my mum because she has a really bad fever and I hope she will be better tomorrow.


Sandra, 6

I pray for my Dog's paws. Amen


Gemma, 6

Dear God. Tell my great Nanny I love her all the stars in the sky. I just can't say it enough. All the family are thinking of you.


Theresa, 12

Dear Lord, I pray for my grandpa who's having an operation today because he's blocked up somewhere in his tummy, I pray that the operation will be ok. Amen


Holly, 13

Dear Lord, Please bless Laney and all the other children who have written prayers and help take away their troubles and pain. Thank you, Amen


Holly, 13

Dear Lord
I'm scared of what's wrong with my leg- please help heal it and take the pain away. Please help my Gran get better from her blood clots and please help my mum quit smoking. I know it seems a lot to ask but please can you help with my anger problem and help stop me getting detentions. Bless Rhiannon and Frankie and Olivia and Liam and Amber and Gina and all my friends. I know it all sound stupid but I'm scared and upset. Please let me do well in my exams and please make me feel happier soon. Bless Ewan in heaven and make sure his pain from his leukaemia are taken away and make sure his families pain heals soon.
Thank you, In your eternal beauty and power, Amen


Charlotte, 13

Dear God, when people go to heaven I hope that you make them feel as loved as they are down on earth. Make them happy as they are in a better place with people who love them. You only get one chance at life and then it is to heaven. Please make it when my one chance is over, in heaven it will be just as great. Amen


Ammu, 6

Thank you god for all the beautiful flowers. Thank you for the bright sun. You are so kind and helpful. God help me to be safe and also my family. I love you, help me when I am at school.

Feb 08

Sophie, 9

Goodness is stronger than evil; Love is stronger than hate; Light is stronger than darkness; Life is stronger than death; Victory is ours through Him who loves us.



Dear Lord, thank you for dying on the cross to save me, Amen


Jonny, 8

Dear Lord, help me be good all of the time.


Laney, 6

Dear Lord, I know you have your angels working to help heal me. Please make the bubble in my brain go away - turn it into flowers and blow it away on the wind... Amen (I told my mommy to type this for me)


Henna, 14

Dear Lord, I pray that you will heal my mom and grandma. Please help both of my brothers to quit smoking and help my sister to control her anger more, and help me become a better person. In your beautiful, powerful, awesome name, Amen


Topping, 9

Lord, please help me at school and bless Serie and Lisa


Lydia, 9

Thank you for letting me have a 9th Birthday. Amen

Jan 08


Please pray for my son Steven, for his good studies and concentration to appear for exam on 21.2.2008

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