Can you feel his love for you?

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Be still before the Lord now
What is on your mind?
Are there things that worry you,
Fears of any kind?
God is here to bless you
His heart is full of love
Jesus hand is reaching out to you
With the Spirit's power

Can you feel his love for you?
The peace his presence brings
He longs to hold you
In his loving arms
You're worth so much to him

There's nothing you can't tell him
No thought you need to hide
The things you've said,
The things you've done
Just open up your heart
And as you wait, he'll answer
A still small voice of calm
That speaks the truth
"You're so special,
You're the Father's child"

Lyrics - Mike Burn, Copyright 1996 Chasah Music
Music - Elton John, Copyright 1994 Disney

I just can't wait to see the King

Giver of Life

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