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Hey everyone! The long awaited Fish page is here! I would love to have some help with this page so send me pictures and emails to help me fill the page!

Did you know...

Dolphins and whales may look like fish, but they’re not. They breathe with lungs, not gills, and can hold their breath under water for over an hour! They are mammals, just like you and me!

photo of a dolphin and a whale  awwwwwwwwww how cute are they!!

The lungfish is a fish with gills, but it can breathe on land too! It “gulps” air in through its large mouth, and can get enough air this way to survive for months!

Not that much of a pretty sight! I wouldn't want to meet him!


The most "electrifying" of all fishes is the freshwater South American Electric Eel, which can generate up to 600 volts of charge at currents of up to 1 ampere. Deaths are rare. Second in line is the African Electric Catfish  which can generate over 250 volts. This fish has been known since the time of the Pharaohs. (whoa they're old!)

I don't think i would want to come face to face with those fish! Would you?



Thanks to those of you who have emailed me with names for dogs and cats, now I need them for fish!

thanks to Travis for starting us off with...




Keep the names coming in!



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