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It's Christmas! This is a page totally dedicated to Christmas, and I'd like to fill it with stuff from YOU!

Why not send me your views on Christmas, your traditions and what you have for Christmas dinner. (Do you like sprouts? I don't!) Use the Tell-us page, or e-mail  Josie as soon as possible...

Visit the Christmas art page now to see some great pictures I found.

Here are some other great Christmas sites that you can visit:

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Here's some of your stuff:

Ayla and her Mom just started making different kinds of candy. This weekend they're going to put their tree up. The closer it gets to Christmas they talk about what Christmas is really about and what it means to all of us in our lives.  Her Mom said it can be a stressful time around Christmas but if everyone would celebrate the real meaning of Christmas things would be easier.

Laura decorates the house every Christmas. She makes Christmas crafts and things to eat for the kids to enjoy. For Christmas dinner, she likes to have turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, candied sweet potatoes, iced tea, pecan pie, peach, and cherry pie. This year she would like to make a gingerbread house.

Hannah said that last year it snowed and they got the sledge out. There is a drive outside their house so they went flying down there and ended up in the road! Pauline & co. came and joined in and they had lots of fun.

We still need more Christmas things, please, please, please send them to Josie fast!