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What's up pussy cat?         

Hey all! The long awaited cat page is now bustling with names and stories which you have all contributed to so keep emailing me!! .

Isn't this cat  cute! Her name is baby girl but sadly  she died last year. But Cindy is keeping her chin up and their second cat Little one is happily living with them and playing with their dog Ricky.

If you have any pictures of cats or stories about your cats then email them to me at the address on the front page.



Here are a few Cat stories sent in to me

"Hi I am delightful that I got on to this website. I have four cats which are very beautiful"

"I had a cat once but it died it's name was Leo. And one day I woke up and I went to see Leo and he was dead. I was sad about it for a week but then I got over it. But now I want a horse."

"I have a very pretty cat called Susie her sister is called Lucy and their brother is called Blackie."

"This my pet kitten called Ebony Loona Moonlight Magic!!! Long name don't you think?#

Keep the stories coming!


Seeing as the dog page has gone down a storm with its A-Z of puppy names how about starting a list here for cats names? Send Suggestions in soon! You've done really well so far, why not look at letters which have least names and see if you can think of any!

A-Z of Cat Names!

A. Antonio

B. Blackie, Baby girl, Boots, Buttons, Becka, Bonnie, Bud

C. Charlie, Cheddar, Chubs

D. Ditzy, Diesel

E. Egbert

F. Fizz, Fred

G. Gizmo, Ginger

H. Harry

I. Indigo

J. Jock

K. Kitty

L. Leo, Little One, Lightning, Lula

M. Monty, Mear

N. Nutso, Nick

O. Oracle

P. Princess, Phoebe, Pip, Penny

Q. Queenie

R. Rosie

S. Susie, Sooty, Susu, Sutts, Shadow, Scamp, Sarca

T. Timothy, Tommy, Thumper, Tigger, Tabs, Tunin, Tuna, Tina, Titch

U. Ursula

V. Violet

W. Wally

X. Xena

Y. Yolly

Z. Zanthia



This is Kim with her cat Princess.

Thank you Kim for the wonderful pictures!


And here's a random fact for you all..

Cat's urine glows under a black light!!


Hey there to you all! I am now going to be bringing you some pictures of some gorgeous kittens which decided to adopt my family whilst on holiday in Italy despite our persistent tries to keep them away from the dinner table! They were very cute and so I hope you all enjoy the pictures of Rom and Rim, my new found cat friends...


Argh! Dolphin attack!

Walk away slowly...

Wait for me!

ooooooo colourful flowers

mmmm doughnut!

awwwwwwwwww picture perfect


Hope you've enjoyed them all, and get sending me more pictures of your animals or stories of animals you may have encountered during your own summer holidays!


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