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Well you made it! Here is the Bible Hero page where we feature a new hero or heroine from the Bible every month.

This month's hero is David. David appears in Samuel 1 chapters 17-23. He is first mentioned in chapter 16 when he is chosen to be the next king of Israel instead of Saul, the current king. The bible then goes on to talk about the attack by the Philistines and how David kills their strongest man, a giant by the name of Goliath with a few stones and a sling shot. God was  pleased with David for being the only one to have the courage to stand up for God's people in God's name and not be frightened that God would not protect him, this is what made him a great king.

After this battle King Saul kept David in his army. However when the people of Israel sang that David had defeated more than he had and they truly admired him he began to worry that he would be a threat to him so he then saw David as a threat to his reign. God soon let an evil spirit take control of Saul. While David was playing the harp to calm Saul down, Saul had the idea to kill David but even after trying twice he could not succeed so had to think of another way.  

He put David in charge of a thousand soldiers and sent them out to fight many battles in the hope that David would be killed in one. however, God helped David and his armies and they won every battle without losing any men. This made Saul more afraid of David but everyone else in Israel praised David even more. Saul set a trap and told David that if he killed 100 philistines than he could marry his second daughter but Saul hoped that the Philistines would kill David for him. However David and his army went out and killed 20 Philistines so Saul had no choice but to let him marry his daughter. He now realised that God was helping avid to always win so no matter how many times the Philistines attacked David always won.

Saul kept trying to get David killed but he never succeeded and eventually Saul kills himself after the Philistines killed all of his sons. David now became the king of Israel. He lead the kingdom under God's reign until the day he died and he is still remembered today. 

Look up David in our Online Bible or read about him in your own Bible beginning at Samuel 1,chapter 17 ending at chapter 23 with David's last words.  Enjoy!

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