Get into the Word

by Family Worship Resources and ICC

Songs and teaching to help children get reading the Word

Recording the album

We started getting the songs toegther for Get into the Word early in 2003.

Followed by weeks of rehearsals with the fabulous kids choir.

The tricky business of learning lyrics Our rehearsals care for the whole choir member!

We recorded all the children's vocals in two action-packed days at Moonstone Studios in March 2003

The fantastic kids choir at lunch In the booth!

We decided on 'Get into the Word' as the title, and things looked all ready to go...

...but then in the summer of 2003 our record company (ICC) suggested releasing the album with some teaching material - maybe a book. We thought it was such a good idea that production of the album had to be delayed!

Beckie Burn begain writing the teaching material.

Early in 2004 we decided to have the teaching material as a CD-Rom on a second disc to be released with the album.

Mike and Chris helped finish off the writing, and in May-June 2004 ICC began work on the design.

At the same time ICC gathered together some brilliant musicians to re-record the songs with more live instruments.

Get into the Word

At the end of July 2004 we put together this mini-site to go with the album.

The finished 'Get into the Word' CD was released on August 9th 2004!

'Get into the Word' by Family Worship Resources and ICC

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