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Church all age worship health check

by Chris Juby - [printer version]


Ask yourself the following questions for each of these age groups…

· 0-5's
· children
· teenagers
· young adults
· families
· single adults
· older people

a. How well do I know people in my congregation from these age groups?

b. Do I know what helps people from these age groups to worship?

c. How accessible are our worship times to these age groups?

d. How involved are these age groups in planning, leading or actively participating in our worship times?

e. Do my own personal preferences about what worship should be like exclude any of these age groups?


a. Should worship ALWAYS be inclusive of all ages in our church? (Or when is it okay NOT to aim to include everyone?)

b. Which are the age groups we most need to work on including in our worship times?

c. Are there things we can be practically doing as a church to draw neglected age-groups in to our worship times?

d. What I can be doing personally?



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