Pray for Ishmael

by Mike Burn on April 12, 2008

For anyone who aspires to write songs for children, and to lead all-age worship, there is one trail-blazing pioneer in the UK who towers above all others, and that is Ishmael. I have met him on a number of occasions, and had the privilege of playing keys and bass for him on a number of his visits to Ichthus in years gone by. I check his website from time to time, for news of what he is up to, and have followed with great interest his recent ordination into the Anglican church in Chichester.

So, logging on to his site today, I was devastated to read the news that he has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. There is no doubt that because of the impact Ishmael has had on countless thousands of people in the UK and the world over, there will be countless thousands praying for him, so I simply encourage you to join with them in prayer.

Visit for news and updates.

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