Vineyard, Loughton, 6 Jan 2008

by Mike Burn on January 19, 2008

Ian KingOld friend (well, not that old), Ian King, who was pastor of our home church, Ichthus Downham, for many years, and a key encourager for me in getting the FW series of songs and recordings off the ground, has been associate pastor for the past several years at Vineyard, Loughton. Wes Sutton, the founder of the church and senior pastor, has recently accepted a new role working with Steve Chalke and, so on 6 Jan, there was a “handover” service at Vineyard. We were invited to go for the morning to lead a celebration for the children while the main service was happening, which was great fun.

Many congratulations to Ian and Chris King on their new appointment, and to Wes and Mary in their exciting new role too.

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