Review of “Get into the Word”

by Mike Burn on April 17, 2006

We were pleased to come across this review for Get into the Word from the Never for Nothing review site. It was written quite a while ago but we’d not seen it before – many thanks to the site for the kind review!

“Here’s a new idea from Mike Burn. A two CD presentation for children. CD1 is a normal audio CD, while CD2 is an interactive CD Rom containing a simple overview of the Bible, a fun quiz, and lots more. The songs range from the simple nursery rhyme type to some solid musical numbers. “I’m Putting on God’s Armour” and “Don’t Be Like the Hypocrites” are both simple, repetitive songs that younger children will enjoy. The older ones will like songs such as “Do Your Best to Present Yourself” and “Get into the Word”. The latter opens with a guitar riff that sounds like the Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up”, and what a good song it is. As for CD2, I had no-one but myself to try it on, but I think that it looks like an ideal, fun thing for young people. All in all, Mike Burn presents quite a hit. 8/10. (November 2004)”

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