Why blog?

by Mike Burn on July 19, 2005

Blogging (from “Web logging” I think) is a huge growth area on the Internet, and so having started a blog on this site, it’s set me wondering about why people blog, and in particular why I would blog rather than doing what I’ve done for the past 6 years or so since I first started the fw website – create and post “normal” pages.

Convenience is one major plus – the structure and tools for a blog site are pretty sophisticated now, in terms of the underlying code and functionality, but to set up a blog is made very easy by installation wizards and so on, and to post to it is as easy as writing an email, and is done through a web page interface.

Immediacy is another – blog posts can be created very quickly and go live on the site immediately, and with the increasing trend towards news readers and “RSS feeds”, if people want to, they can know in near real time that a new post has appeared on sites they want to monitor.

Personality is definitely a factor – many blogs are very personal, essentially online diaries, and many people have found it extraordinary to think that anyone else would want to read about the details of their life, but, hey, we all love to read other people’s diaries…! You can build up a reasonable picture of the person behind a blog after a period of time, assuming they are blogging honestly, of course…

Interaction – the ability for visitors to a blog to add comments in response to posts is nothing new, of course – discussion forums have been around for a long time, but the style and format of blog interactions has added a new twist to online discussion.

There are lots of other reasons, I’m sure, why blogs have been so successful, and if a few people read and enjoy this one, then that’s another drop in the ocean. Please do feel free to register for this blog and add your own comments – click the Register link on the right under Blog admin.


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