519,281 people can’t be wrong

by Mike Burn on January 5, 2006

That’s the number of visitors, according to my nifty web statistics package, who visited the FW site in 2005 – over half a million. OK, so I’m sure some of them were the same people coming back for a repeat visit, but it’s a lot of people, so thanks for visiting. We’re still in the top ten (just!) of the UK’s most popular christian sites.

We think it’s our approach to making all our songs freely available that is one of the reasons the site is so popular, and we have no intention of changing that policy. Other popular areas include the Kidszone (if you haven’t visited that, do check it out, even if you’re not a child – the prayer zone is a real insight into the daily issues children grapple with all over the world)

The Songwriters’ Showcase continues to be popular too, despite my woeful neglect of it in 2005 – we will be getting back to updating it more regularly this year, so if you are one of the writers featured, or waiting to be featured, thanks for your patience! Must try to sort it out so it looks right in Firefox too. (Can I still blame Chris, even though it’s a year now since he last touched it?)

One thing we have discovered is that the site is especially popular at different seasons, including Christmas and Easter, because of our themed seasonal pages, so I’ll be looking to add even more content to the Easter page shortly.

Well, if you’re reading this, then thanks for being one of the 519,282 people who will, I hope, make the site even more visited in 2006. I really appreciate you taking the time to visit – have a great year.

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