Story behind the song – “Let praise break out”

by Mike Burn on August 13, 2005

Let praise break out

Let praise break out and let worship flow
God’s name be praised and his glory known (x2)

Build up build up the highway
Raise a banner for the nations
Righteousness, righteousness and praise
Shall spring up before all nations
See your Saviour comes, see your Saviour comes
So let praise break out and let worship flow

Mike Burn
© 1993 Chasah Music

Story behind the song
Based on scriptures from Isaiah 62:10-12, which talk about preparing a highway for the Saviour to come. We are told that God inhabits the praises of his people, and so one way that we can prepare the way for him to dwell with us now is through praise, and we are also building a “spiritual highway” for his eventual return, whenever that will be. As well as being a blessing to the Lord, (and to us), true worship will always have an impact on the spiritual atmosphere around us. There is often debate in our churches on whether the emphasis should be on worship or on evangelism. The argument goes something like this: worship can become inward looking, and an activity “for christians only”, with no evangelistic impact. Surely the answer is that both are crucial: we need to worship as much as we can, and we need to evangelise as much as we can – they are complimentary, not exclusive.

If heaven will be populated with every tongue, tribe and nation, then the gospel must first go “to the ends of the earth”, in order to reach every tongue, tribe and nation – a task yet unfinished. The name of Jesus is the banner that needs to be raised above every nation: we should do all that we can to raise that banner over our own nation, and pray that it would reach to the ends of the earth. So, always be prepared to be the answer to your own prayer: the last command that Jesus gave us was to GO!

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