Story behind the song – “If we were to keep quiet”

by Mike Burn on August 12, 2005

If we were to keep quiet

If we were to keep quiet
the rocks they would cry out
If we were to stay silent
Then the stones would surely shout
But now we’ve seen the Lord of lords
We won’t keep quiet any more
Because Jesus is coming soon

Once he came to die upon a cross
Now he reigns, alive for evermore,
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest heaven
Jesus is coming soon

Mike Burn
© 1993 Chasah Music

Story behind the song
There’s a huge, dramatic rock face on the edge of the Pyrynees mountain range in the South of France, near the Spanish border, where Ichthus Christian Fellowship has a small church congregation. The rock face is called La Serre, which means Jagged Edge (as in a serrated knife edge), and it’s a beautiful sight, especially at sunset, where the rock is silhouetted against the sky, strong and defiant. I wrote this song, looking at the rock one day, thinking that in it’s way, it was already expressing praise to its creator in heaven. France is one of the least-reached nations with the gospel in Europe, and less than 1% of the children there attend church or Sunday School. I’m desperate for the children of that nation to find Jesus, and so find the reason to join nature in praising God.

Based on the words that Jesus spoke during the Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem. The Pharisees criticised the noise that the disciples and crowd were making, and were indignant at the sight of children shouting “Hosanna”
in the temple. Jesus said that if they kept quiet, the stones themselves would cry out. (I don’t know about you, but sometimes I can imagine the bricks in our church buildings are struggling to keep quiet!)

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