Story behind the song – “Jesus, thank you for the cross”

by Mike Burn on August 11, 2005

Jesus, thank you for the cross

Jesus, thank you for the cross
Holding nothing back, you did all your father asked
I’ll never know just how it felt
As you died, lifted high
I know It hurt I know the pain
Was more than words could ever say
You had a choice, you chose to die
Your sacrifice has saved my life
What can I say?

Oh Jesus, you gave your life for me
So precious the blood you shed
You made a way to heaven by dying in my place
Jesus, thank you for the cross

Mike Burn
© 1996 Daybreak Music

Story behind the song
Two motivating factors behind this song: one was that I heard a missionary from Borneo talking a few years ago about the revival that they had experienced amongst some of the tribes in that country. He had been asked about features of the revival, and he said that one feature was that “9 out of 10 songs that were being written there were about the cross”. It struck me that of the songs that I’d written, my ratio was somewhat lower than that, and I resolved then to write more songs on the subject of the cross, in an attempt to express my desire for revival in my own nation.

The second factor was a wish to try to write about the cross in a way that a child might express it, and the line “I know it hurt” went round in my head for weeks before the rest of the song fell into place….it moves me very much when I hear my own daughter sing that line, and I always hope and pray for the reality of what Jesus did to become personal for her, and every child.

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