Story behind the song – “I’m singing your praise. Lord”

by Mike Burn on August 10, 2005

I’m singing your praise, Lord

I’m singing your praise, Lord
I’m singing your praise
To show the world that I love you Jesus
I’m singing your praise

So many ways Lord, so much that I can do
To lift your name in all the earth
To show that l love you

I’m clapping my hands, Lord…

I’m shouting your name, Lord…

I’m jumping for joy, Lord….

Mike Burn
© 1993 Chasah Music

Story behind the song
In 1993 we were on a family holiday in the south of France, staying with some friends in their house in a small village on the edge of the Pyrenees.

Our second daughter, Sophie, who was 4 at the time had just had a tumble down the stone staircase, and whilst she wasn’t hurt badly, she was shaken, and crying. She came into the room where I was sitting playing the guitar, and in an attempt to cheer her up, I started making up some words to the chords I was strumming: “Slip, sliding away, slip sliding away, I’m falling down the stairs, I’m slip sliding away” I’d like to be able to say that she stopped crying straight away, but hazy as my memory is, it’s far more likely that she went to find her Mum for some proper comfort ! In the meanwhile, the chord progression and melody stuck with me, and eventually evolved into the song “I’m singing your praise, Lord”. You’ll be pleased to hear that I have resisted the temptation, even in my most dry and barren times, to push my other daughters down the stairs in order to provide inspiration for more songs…

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