Story behind the song – “I reach up high”

by Mike Burn on August 8, 2005

I reach up high

I reach up high, I touch the ground
I stomp my feet and I turn around
I’ve got to praise the Lord
I jump and dance with all my might
I might look funny but that’s alright
I’ve got to praise the Lord

I’ll do anything just for my God
Cos he’s done everything for me
It doesn’t matter who is looking on
Jesus is the person that I want to please

May my whole life be a song of praise
To worship God in every way
In this song the actions praise his name
I want my actions every day to do the same

Judy Bailey
© 1993 Daybreak Music

Story behind the song
Judy Bailey, now one of Germany’s most popular Christian artists, comes originally from Barbados, and her songs have a powerful mixture of joy, enthusiasm, a deep love for God, and a resolve to worship no matter what. All of those qualities come across in this song.

For me, this could be described as the ideal family worship song, because it combines the simplicity and fun of the chorus (including actions that even the most introverted would find it hard to avoid joining in with!) with verses containing profound truths that challenge adults and children alike, especially in verse 2. (A W Tozer said of worship: “If you cannot worship God in the midst of your responsibilities on a Monday morning then it is unlikely that you were worshipping him on the Sunday before”)

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