by Mike Burn on July 16, 2005

Thought it was high time to get a blog going on the FW site, so a warm welcome, and here it is. I’m always thinking of things that I want to add to the main site, and then think “I’ll get round to that soon” and never do. So, the idea of a blog where I can post easily and quickly whenever and wherever may mean some of those things get added. Or not…time will tell.

As with everything on the FW site, we want it to be simple, accessible and useful, so you are very welcome to register to add comments to existing posts, or to add your own.

For the record, today is a lovely Summer’s day here in Downham where I live, south-east London, and after posting this, I’m off out to the garden to dig some potatoes, and to try to repair the paddling pool that the foxes chewed a hole in, ahead of Josie’s birthday party on Monday, which has been billed as a “pool party” so kind of depends on a decent repair.

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