Story behind the song – “Dance on the streets”

by Mike Burn on August 5, 2005

Dance on the streets

I’m gonna dance on the streets
I’m gonna sing in the rain
For the Spirit of God
Is poured out again
I’m gonna shout it aloud
I’m gonna let the world know
That the river of God
Has started to flow

And we sing Jesus, Jesus come
Oh we will lift your name on high
You are the Son of God, Saving One
Jesus, Jesus, come

Mike Burn
© 1996 Daybreak Music

Story behind the song
The story is a very simple one – I wasted to write something up-tempo that children and adults could dance to, that would be both a celebration of what God is doing now in our lives, churches and nations, but also looking forward to the day when revival hits our streets, so that the world will join in the dance. The vision of the river flowing from the throne of God is a common biblical theme that seems to crop up in many worship songs – old and new.

I heard a story about a joint church celebration involving a few hundred people, held outside in the north of England where the worship leader had suggested using this song. The event organiser had said that surely it was asking for trouble, singing a song outside with the line “ in the rain”, but the worship leader told him not to worry – it was a metaphor for the rain of God’s Spirit, and not literal rain. Sure enough, however, at the very moment in the service when they began to sing the song, the skies opened and the rain fell! The worship leader told me that it became a powerful time of worship and celebration as they took the physical rain as a sign of God’s promise of the spiritual rain that is to come…

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