Washington DC and Thailand

by Mike Burn on June 14, 2010

I’m writing this from Washington DC where I’ve just enjoyed a long weekend break with Sue. It’s been an exhausting couple of months work wise for both of us, so a short break before the excitement of Sophie’s wedding at the end of July really kicks in seemed a good idea!

In the meanwhile, the design is nearly finalised for the cover of iPraise – Caro Swan has done her usual excellent stuff – and it should all be ready for manufacture in the next week or so.

While we have been in the US, our good friend, and current part time administrator for FW, Natalie Howard, has been on a trip to Thailand, to spend some time there with friends who are involved in working with projects to help get girls out of street work. Amazingly, it is her first trip abroad, and to have gone to Bangkok following all the recent troubles there certainly took some courage. I’m hoping she’ll write a report for this blog soon.

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