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Family Worship 1 - Let Praise Break Out

Family Worship 1 - Let Praise Break Out

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Family Worship 1 - Let Praise Break Out Recorded in 1993, this was the original Family Worship album, which arose from a desire to write and make available songs which were suitable for worship times when the whole church family are together (eg. Sunday morning services). Many of the songwriters had not previously had songs recorded or published, so it was a real "grass roots" initiative. The album was arranged and produced to a high standard by Dave Bankhead, who has since produced all the subsequent FW albums.

A childrens choir of 40 boys and girls was formed for the recording, which took place live in Greenwich, London, with a large, enthusiastic congregation from Ichthus Christian Fellowship. bringing a real passion and atmosphere of worship to the recording. Many of the songs have gone on to become favourites in a wide variety of churches, in the UK and around the world. (In 1994, for example, a childrens' choir presented all of the songs during a Billy Graham crusade in Australia)


Song Title
Sheet Music
 1 Let praise break out mp3 midi lyrics
 2 If we were to keep quiet mp3 midi lyrics
 3 I reach up high mp3 midi lyrics
 4 I'm singing your praise, Lord mp3 midi lyrics
 5 We will turn the hearts of the fathers mp3 midi lyrics
 6 If we admit to God mp3 midi lyrics
 7 Father I do adore you mp3 midi lyrics
 8 I'm putting my hand in your hand now mp3 midi lyrics
 9 God, you can use me mp3 midi lyrics
 10 Crossing over mp3 midi lyrics
Song Permissions: You may freely use the songs and make photocopies as required (lyrics and sheet music) for use in worship; we do encourage churches to subscribe to the Church Copyright Licence Scheme and report your usage of the songs via the annual return.