Scene 1


NARRATOR:            The date is zero A.D. Technology of this time is more advanced than we realised. Here we are at the royal palace of King Herod in Judea. King Herodís

scribe is downloading his latest email on his Pentium 3 computer.


(Scribe is sat to the right of stage at computer.)


SCRIBE:       An email has just arrived for you from three wise men, who are travelling to  Judea from the East, Your Highness.


HEROD:        Well come on then .Read it out to me . What are you waiting for?


SCRIBE:       It says:-

Wonderful Counsellor. Mighty God. Everlasting Father Prince of Peace.


HEROD:        Well, well  Scribe.  I do like it when I receive complementary  emails from my subjects. I am treated well. Why only last week I received over 100 electronic birthday cards from all over cyberspace.


SCRIBE:       (speaking hesitantly and rather fearfully)

Uuumm uummm, there is more.


HEROD:        Yes. Yes.  Scribe. Come on out with it, honestly you just canít get the staff these days !!


SCRIBE:       Well  actually. Your Highness. Although it is addressed to you at it is not actually referring to you at all, Iím afraidÖÖÖ


HEROD:        What do you mean scribe ?


SCRIBE:       Itís referring to the coming of a new Messiah.  A new King of Israel. Someone who will bring peace and goodwill to all men.


HEROD:        Never! Never! Never !( stamps his feet in temper .)

Where is this new king? I cannot have my position as ruler threatened by anyone  you must find out where this new Messiah is at once.  I will go and kill  him. Search the whole of the world wide web donít leave any connection in Cyberspace unopened. I must find him whatever the  cost!


(Herod leaves stage in a mad fury scribe sits at computer frantically tapping at





(Herod stays off stage and returns once carol has finished. Scribe stays at



Scene 2



King Herod returns with some of his soldiers to find out if the scribe has any

 more information on the Messiah.


HEROD:        Well scribe! What have you found?


SCRIBE:        I think I have found a link to the new Messiah. This web site has a  video clip.



The video clip shows Zechariah praying to God.


ANGEL:                     Donít be afraid Zechariah. God has heard your prayer. Your wife Elizabeth will have a son. You are to call him John. He will be a joy and delight to you and great in the eyes of God. He will prepare peoples hearts for the coming of the Lord.


ZECHARIAH:           How can I be sure of this?  I am an old man and my wife is not     so young as she used to be.


ANGEL:                     I am  the Angel Gabriel and I stand in the presence of God. I have been sent to speak to you and tell you this Good News.


(Zechariah and the angel leave stage.)


HEROD:        Thatís enough of that. Didnít you hear what that angel said? His name is John and he has been sent to prepare the way for the Messiah. So he is not the Messiah but he may lead us to a clue as to the whereabouts of this Messiah.


SCRIBE:       Hang on your Majesty there is a hyperlink we can jump to. Bear with me one moment.


HEROD:        Hyperlink! What are you talking about? Donít speak like a geek. Who do you think you are, Bill! Just get working and send out a message to all my local area network. I want to find this person Zechariah. He will lead me to the Messiah.


SCRIBE:       Aaahh. Here you are Your Highness, look at this( He says triumphantly pointing at the screen.)


Enter Mary and Elizabeth.

Mary and Elizabeth embrace each other and share their good news


ELIZABETH:             Oh Mary. I am to have a child. Zacheriah had a vision and it has come true. I am to call him John. But your baby is very special, god has blessed him.


MARY:                       Oh dearest Elizabeth. My loving sister. I am so pleased for you after all these years. Yes god has given me a baby. He is to be called Jesus and he will be Godís son. This was what the angel told me. God will make him king. Oh Elizabeth Iím so happy.


Mary sings an appropriate song.

Video clip finishes


HEROD:        Bingo! We have found that king. Get the soldiers ready. We need to find Mary and her son and be rid of them. I cannot put my position as ruler of Judea at risk. Scribe for once in your life you have achieved something. Keep searching.  Lets see what else you can come up with.


(All leave stage except scribe who stays at computer.)



All sing a carol. (optional)



Scene 3.


Our three wise men have just arrived in Judea. Their names are Wingding, Dotcom
 and Javascript. They have arrived at the Cybercafe for a break and to check their E


DOTCOM:                 Iím shattered . Worn out. Days and days we have travelled through this desert. This is the first  cybercafe we have seen for a month.

I need to check my mail and recharge my mobiles battery.


JAVASCRIPT:         Oh be quiet Dotcom. Sit down and relax. Enjoy your cappuccino coffee.


DOCTOM:                 We have a message on our hotmail. Itís from  King Herod.


WINDING:                 Baa technology! Why in my day it was pigeon post, telegram,  royal mail, snail mail, fax  or courier. Nowadays you just press a few buttons and it is all done for you.. Things can only get worse!


JAVASCRIPT          Yes. Yes. We have heard it all before. In my day we never had any of the technology that you whizz kids have today. We had to make do with talking to each other.


DOTCOM:                 Stop arguing you two. That was King Herod himself. He received our e-mail and wants us to keep him informed. As soon as we have found the Messiah we must let him know. He wants to meet this new Messiah too.


JAVASCRIPT:          Oh, I hope this journey is not going to take much longer . Iím done in, dead beat, dog tired and ready to drop.


WINGDING:              Right. Come on you two. Letís be on out way.Young people today they just have no stamina whatsoever. Letís be on our way . We must find this new king without delay.


Three wise men get up and walk off stage



Scene 4



Herod returns to his scribe at the computer for the latest news.


HEROD:        Well scribe ( scribe turns around in fear )

                        I have had a worthwhile chat with Javascript , one of the three wise men. He assures me that he is on our side and as soon as he finds the Messiah he will contact me by phone, fax, e mail, pigeon post, snail mail or whatever  means necessary.

                        Anyway scribe . Have you found anything else for me, or shall I just dispense with you altogether.

SCRIBE:        uuumm uuumm (Banging at keyboard.)


HEROD:        Come on. What have you got for me ?


SCRIBE:       Sorry sir . Must be a server problem.

                        Aahh No. Here we are. (Breathes a sigh of relief. )

                        Itís the BBC web page with all the latest news across the globe.


Scribe reads out the message while it also shows on the OHP


The message reads sir

ďReports are just coming in that shepherds have abandoned their sheep in the

 fields around Bethlehem. Rumour has it, although, there is no official

confirmation at present, that they are searching  for a new Messiah. Bethlehem is of

course already packed with people who have arrived to sign up for the census.Ē 


HEROD:        Bethlehem it is then. That is where the three wise men were heading. But hang on . Check on my world reference atlas  CD ROM . Iím sure that there are no Palaces in Bethlehem. That canít be right. Surely a new King would be born in a more grand location.

                        Still. Book me in a first class hotel in Bethlehem with last minute dot com. I need to be off first thing in the morning. Tell the servants to pack my bags and prepare my chariot.


(Herod and scribe leave stage and go to back of church. Shepherds and sheep enter






Scene 5.



We now join the shepherds in the fields near Bethlehem, it is night time and they are with their flocks.


1ST SHEPHERD:   That message from the Angel Gabriel was just truly amazing. I wonder why God told us, shepherds?.


2ND SHEPHERD:  Yes I was terrified. But then when the angel said not to be afraid and that he bought good news, I felt a strange presence and so calm and peaceful. The singing of the angelic hosts was out of this world.


1ST SHEPHERD:   I know what you mean. Have you noticed though. There are lots of other shepherds heading the same way. Maybe they too saw the angels.


2ND SHEPHERD    Look I can see some lights further ahead. We canít be far now.


1ST SHEPHERD:     Did you manage to make a room booking for us with Last Minute dot com on your wap phone?


2ND SHEPHERD:              Yes I did. It is a good thing I booked when I did as there are no vacancies in Bethlehem now. We donít want to end up sleeping in a stable. Now do we?

All sing a carol.


(Whilst carol is being sung shepherds leave stage. Mary and Joseph enter stage with baby Jesus in a manger.)





Scene 6.



The technology and computer wizardry in the time of the Roman Empire was

incredible, far more advanced than we first thought, but the

scene in the stable at Bethlehem is rather basic.


1st SHEPHERD:     My goodness, what the angel Gabriel said was true. Our Saviour was born in a stable!

2ND SHEPHERD:     And to think we have seen him with our own eyes, us lowly shepherds. Why would God invite us?



Young chi1dren arrive carrying gifts for the baby Jesus.


(Youngest children enter stage and lay down their gifts (parcels wrapped) for the

 baby Jesus. Children sing song. All leave stage when song finishes.)



Enter three wise men, carrying gifts.


JAVASCRIPT:                     Are you sure that this is the right place.


WINGDING:                          Of course it is. Look there is the bright star which we have been following. It has stopped right over this stable. You young people today are soft. In my dayÖÖ.



AND DOTCOM                     Yes. We have heard it all before.


JAVASCRIPT                       Anyway. Letís get on with it. We have come to find The New Messiah. The New King of Israel. Where is he?


All turn and look around in wonder. Fall to their knees and worship Jesus. They

 then come forward and give their gifts of gold frankincense and myrrh.


JAVASCRIPT:                     I bring you gold. A gift for a king.


DOTCOM:                             I bring you frankincense. It is the best I have to offer.


WINGDING:                          I bring you Myrrh.


 MARY:                                  Thankyou.


JOSEPH:                              Have you travelled far?


WINGDING:                          We have travelled from the east following a bright star.


JAVASCRIPT:                     I have just checked the BBC regional news page and Herod is approaching with his soldiers.


DOTCOM:                             Why Iím not sure I like the sound of that. We                      should head back another way and cover our tracks.


Wise men bow once again before Jesus in stable and leave hurriedly

Herod arrives from the back of church with several soldiers.





So the wise men left the baby Jesus and returned to their home country by

another route. Meanwhile Herod and his soldiers were approaching the stable.


HEROD         Are you sure we are at the right place. This is not a palace fit for a king. Itís only a stable.


Herod walks up to stage but sees no point in entering the stable. He rolls his eyes and turns in despair!


HEROD:        The Wise men have tricked me. They must have gone in the other direction. See if you can trace them for me scribe. Try asking goggle or try Judeaonline. No point staying here. Iím wasting my time. There is work to do now.


With that Herod leaves the stage followed by his soldiers.


ANGEL          All this took place to fulfil what god had said through the prophet.

GABRIEL      A Saviour has been born to you today in Bethlehem. He is Christ the Son of God. The one who will save us. Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace and goodwill to all men.



Jesus was described by the prophet Isaiah over 700 years before as,  ďWonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. And just as that story was true then so it is for all those who know Jesus Christ as their Saviour. For God loved the world so much that he gave his only son Jesus Christ. So that who ever believes in him may not die but have eternal life.


We will now singÖÖÖ.