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The real meaning of Easter

Cute, but...The script may be used freely (ie. printed, copied and acted out in church services or other free events) with no permission required, or royalties due. However, it remains Copyright 2000, Mike Burn and may not be published or sold without prior permission of the author. Feel free to email with any queries. You may also download a text file of the script.

The real meaning of Easter

Cast Two children

Props  Easter egg, fluffy bunny, two pieces of wood (to form a cross)

Child 1 (walks on with chocolate all round mouth, carrying an Easter egg in a carrier bag): Hey, guess how many Easter eggs I got this year?

Child 2  I don't know, but by the look of your face, you can't have any left.

Child 1  Well, you're wrong - I've saved one to share with you.

Child 2  Oh, thanks.

Child 1 opens bag, takes out egg, and breaks it up, giving one tiny bit to Child 2, and starts to eat the rest

Child 2 watches as the rest of the egg disappears, and then puts the tiny piece of chocolate in their mouth and slowly eats it, finally saying: "Yum yum"

Child 1  Hey, look what else I got! (Takes fluffy bunny out of bag)

Child 2  Oh, that's cute!

Child 1  Yeah - isn't it. Would you like it?

Child 2  Oh, yes please!

Child 1  OK - 5 and it's yours!

Child 2  Oh, I see. Well, I haven't got any money...

Child 1  Oh well, see you later then... (walks off, licking lips)

Child 2  (Turns to audience) I know I don't have to tell you that they've missed the point of Easter somehow! Here, let me show you something. (picks up two pieces of wood and holds them together in the shape of a cross) Easter is all about two pieces of wood, and the man who was nailed to them. He died, hanging there on the top of a hill, and they put him in a grave, but 3 days later he was alive again. That's what makes today amazing - he did it so we could have life forever! Chocolate and fluffy bunnies are great, they're a reminder that life can be good, but you'll do much better today if you remember what it's really all about, and what it cost. Two pieces of wood, and the choice Jesus made, make today really worth celebrating - Happy Easter.