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"Thanks so much for visiting us with the Roadshow - it was excellent, and helped us realise that we're going along the right lines with our all-age worship and need to continue!"

Sunday Service

Roadshows can take various forms, depending on your specific requirements, but the most common format is for us to take the whole of a Sunday morning service, including the sermon.

We would bring a team of adults and children, proportionate to the size of your church, and the service will include worship, dance, drama, teaching, and interactive elements that aim to draw in the whole of the church. Children are welcome to stay in for the whole of the service, which usually lasts just over an hour. One aim of the Roadshow is to try to "model" a style of worship service that will draw in and engage all ages and stages in the church family - fun for the children; accessible to youth; enjoyable and challenging for the adults.

We can provide musicians, or can work with your own musicians/singers if you prefer. The songs used will be a mixture of familiar and new.

We are also offering 2 "themed" Roadshows on prayer (using songs from iPray) and the Bible (using songs from Get into the Word)

Worskshops Option

In addition to the service part of the Roadshow, there are other elements of a programme that can be included, for example, teaching workshops for worship leaders, service leaders and children's workers. Some churches have chosen to have workshops on the Saturday before the service, for example; others have had them on the Sunday afternoon following the service. The Roadshow need not be on a Sunday morning - it can be a separate event, eg. on a Saturday afternoon or evening, or even a weekday evening.

There is no set fee for the Roadshow; you are welcome, of course, to make a gift towards the ministry, and to cover travel expenses. If you are happy for us to sell CD's and books at the Roadshow then that is appreciated. Family Worship Resources is a non proit-making organisation.

Booking details

For more information on the existing dates, or to enquire about a Roadshow for your church, email Mike.

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