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A key part of the ministry from Family Worship Resources is to visit churches with the "Family Worship Roadshow", aiming to model a high quality, all-age service, including drama, dance, multi-media,all-age-friendly talks, and, of course, songs. Led by Mike Burn, with Chris Juby, and a team of children & adults appropriate to the size of your church.

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Available as an option with Roadshows, or own their own, are teaching seminars for worship leaders, service leaders and children's workers on how to structure effective all-age services.

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We lead a regular monthly Family Worship service at our home church (Catford Community Church, Catford, London) and you would be more than welcome to come along. Visit our church website's all-age worship section for more information

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Roadshow - Holy Trinity Church, Ossett

Ossett, West Yorkshire. March 20th-21st 2004

Holy Trinity OssettWe've got hopelessly lost trying to find churches on Roadshows many times, but not this time - Holy Trinity Church, Ossett, Yorkshire, is a beatiful, large Anglican church building which dominates the lanscape for miles around, almost like a cathedral, so finding the church was no problem for a change!

We arrived around midday on Saturday to get ready for a Family Event at 2pm, which the church had publicised well in the community as well as among their regular churchgoers. Around 45 children and 10 adults came along, and we had a fun time learning songs, dances and drama in preparation for the service on Sunday, which was, of course, Mothering Sunday.

Holy Trinity have a clear strategy of aiming to serve the whole community, of all ages, regardless of whether the individuals consider themselves as part of the church or not, and that is expressed in activities like a full-time nursery that runs during the week, and regular events with a social emphasis to which everyone is welcome.

The Sunday Service, with a focus on Mothers' Day was another example of where the church makes great efforts to invite visitors and non-regular churchgoers. One great idea that we liked, and were sure would work well in other churches, was that they had also invited the families of children who had recently been baptised to visit on that Sunday, to receive a special greeting and be assured of the church's ongoing prayers for them.
This seems a great way to "bridge the gap" with families who may visit the church once for their child's baptism, but then find it difficult to go back on a regular basis.

The service seemed to be well received, and the children (and some excellent adults too) who had learnt dances and a drama the day before performed very well. Sophie and Bethan performed a great sketch about Mothers' Day, where a mother discovered that the remote control for her TV had developed powers to programme her daughter exactly to her liking (hey, we can all dream...!) We were really pleased to have Nathan from the church drum with us in the band.

The church building itself is vast, and cold when the Northern winds are blowing (as they were with some force all weekend), but the atmosphere is warm and friendly, and the hospitality from the church was very kind and welcoming. The church has great dreams and plans for the building itself, to modernise and transform the interior to be more versatile and functional, all with the aim again of serving the community.

As with thousands of churches the nation over, Holy Trinity is facing the challenge of attracting and retaining children, youth and young adults, and of building for the future whilst retaining the wonderful aspects of their great heritage and tradition. We were particularly impressed with the heart and vision of the vicar, Paul Maybury, and it seemed to us that there is a great deal of shared vision, goodwill and the desire to make it work, from the church leaders, the older members of the congregation, and across the board. Because it seems to be the love of God that is the primary motivation behind the church's plans, we are sure that Holy Trinity and Ossett have a great future and we will continue to pray for them as they seek to serve their local community and the wider body of Christ.

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