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Chris Juby

Chris JubyI've been working part time for Family Worship since September 2002. My official job description is 'Administration and Ministry Development', but as the only employee that really means 'Anything At All'. Basically, I write a lot of emails, post a lot of parcels, look at a lot of statistics (although that's more for fun than for work - sad, I know!), and design and maintain this site and the Songwriters Showcase. I also travel with Mike on the Family Worship Roadshows.

My life began in a small town called Frinton-on-Sea in Essex (England!), and continued there for the next 21 years, the final three years of that time studying for a degree in Sociology and Philosophy at Essex University. After University I left Frinton for the bright lights of London, where I trained for a year with Ichthus Christian Fellowship on the Radical Network leadership and church planting course. I finished Network in July 2002, and following a summer of travelling around worship leading in various places I joined the team planting Catford Community Church, where I am a regular worship leader.

I've been leading worship since 1998, but never really thought much about all age worship until fairly recently - I was happy enough to sing a few kids songs, but much more interested in 'serious' worship. While I was on the Radical Network course one of the leaders suggested I spend some time with Mike to see whether I might be interested in getting involved in all age worship more seriously, and I've found it's something that I'm increasingly passionate about and commited to.

So there we go... that's me!  

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