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 In This Issue: November 2003 
   2004 Diary - Roadshows booking now
   Free Online Songs
   New Christmas Resource CD
   Get into the Word - update
   Trip to Romania
   FlexImage - worship projection system
 2004 Diary - Roadshows booking now
Welcome to the Family Worship newsletter, especially if you are a new subscriber. Family Worship Resources is a non-profit organisation, based in London, UK and exists to provide songs, teaching materials and other resources to help the church to worship together.

We've had a busy 2003, and have visited many different churches and parts of the country with the "FW Roadshow", where our team of adults and children lead an all-age service, featuring songs, dances, drama, multimedia, and an accessible all-age talk. If you are based in the UK or Ireland, and are interested in booking a roadshow for 2004, then do drop us an email for more details, or check out the Roadshow page on the website.

Check out the Roadshow page on the FW website

FW Roadshow
 New Christmas Resource CD
If you're anything like me, you get depressed at the commercial onset of Christmas seeming to get earlier every year - the decorations went up in my local shopping centre in mid October this year! So, I hope you'll forgive me mentioning Christmas in early November, but I did just want to let you know about a brilliant new resource CD now available that may really help in your preparations for Christmas services this year.

Called Re.Source@Christmas, and produced by CPO (Christian Publicity Organisation), the CD features a number of excellent contemporary Christmas songs, including our own "Peace Child", alongside a new song, "It's a boy", sung by Cliff Richard. The CD also features animated movies to some of the songs that can be played on a PC and displayed via a data projector. Then there are drama scripts, quizzes, multimedia content (including some brilliant nativity images), Christmas clip art, sermon outlines & stories, and links to useful web sites.

We think this is the best new Christmas resource we've seen in a long time, and are sure that it will be a great inspiration for your Christmas planning this year. You can order securely from the FW online shop - follow the link on the left for "Christmas"

Do also check out our Peace Child Christmas cards and interactive CD - they were a great success last year, so do place your order as soon as possible.

Re.source@Christmas available in the FW shop

 Trip to Romania
This week (from 5 to 9 November) I'll be in Romania as part of a team working with Graham Kendrick for a national worship conference, the first of its kind to be held in the country. I'll be taking a number of workshops on all-age and children's worship, and teaching a number of songs.

If you are able to pray, then I'd really appreciate your partnership, and (Internet access permitting), will be posting prayer updates, as the conference progresses, in the FW online discussion forum.

Having visite Rwanda last year, which had a profound impact on me, Romania is another country known for its orphans, and it's my heart and prayer that all children would discover the love of a heavenly Father. Thanks for praying.

Keep up to date with prayer points in the FW forum

FW Forum
 Free Online Songs
Since the FW site started nearly 5 years ago, it's always been our policy to make the songs freely available online - audio files, lyrics, guitar chords, sheet music, and so on. As well as the online downloads, our "song by email" facility has proved very popular, and following a change of web server, we've recently re-launched the service and will be adding a number of new songs over the coming months.

Opinion is divided sometimes on the issue of whether worship music should be free. Of course songwriters, and others involved in producing recordings, songbooks, etc. should be able to earn a living if that is their vocation. On the other hand, many people are very uncomfortable in the church with the apparent commercialisation of the worship music "industry".

While we have chosen to make our own songs freely available, I would never criticise anyone for choosing to charge for online song downloads, or for insisting on people buying a CD or songbook - every writer and music company has to make their own decision about the right thing to do, and the best way to fulfil the calling that God has for their ministry.

I am always interested to hear other people's views on this subject, and particularly at the moment, as we are starting to consider plans for a new website dedicated to children's and all-age worship songs in the UK (ie. covering songs from all UK writers, not just our own) so if you have any thoughts on the issue, then do drop me an email or post in the FW forum.

In the meanwhile, do feel free to continue downloading our songs. One plea from our record company (who kindly put up with my maverick insistence on making the songs freely available!) - if you do use the songs in worship, please remember to record them on your church annual return to the Church Copyright Licence scheme ( Thanks

Check out the FW songs

FW Songs
 Get into the Word - update
Just to keep you posted on our latest recording - "Get into the Word", featuring 10 great new songs on the theme of the Bible. We had hoped to release the CD around now, but due to an exciting development, the release will be delayed until next year.

The reason is that our distributors, ICC Records, are keen to release the CD alongside a teaching book, which will be published by a separate major UK book publisher, which will give the CD and book a much greater potential for wider distribution.

We'll publish more details as soon as we have them, and in the meanwhile, please join us in praying for the potential of the new songs and the book - we are hoping that it will stimulate many children into reading the Bible with enthusiasm for themselves.

In the meanwhile, you can still hear a preview of the title track, "Get into the Word", by clicking the link below.

Listen to "Get into the Word"

 FlexImage - worship projection system
If you have taken the plunge with lyric projection via a PC and data projector, then you may like to check out a great system from my home church, Ichthus Christan Fellowship, which integrates fully with Powerpoint and is very simple to use. An added bonus is over 1,000 pre-loaded songs, including all of the FW songs.

Check out the free trial download on the FlexImage website.

FlexImage worship projection system

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