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Welcome to the 23rd Family Worship Newsletter, 30 November 2000

Previous newsletters are available on the website archives at


This is a brief, Christmas Special newsletter; normal newsletters
will resume in the New Year. Just three things to say:

1. FW4 - Rising Generation

Thank you so much for your interest and prayers for the recording
of FW4, which has gone very well so far. The children's choir did
a great job, and sang with loads of energy, and a real sense of

There are a few more instrumental sessions to be recorded in
January, and the album should be available around Easter 2001.
Regular updates are at

2. Newsletter distribution

As distribution has grown, our local mail servers have struggled
to cope over the last couple of months, so we will be moving
distribution of the newsletter next month to Topica, a specialist
online mailing facility. You need take no action, and you will
receive a confirmation email from Topica in early January
confirming that you are subscribed to the newsletter.

In keeping with the non-profit making ethos of Family Worship, the
newsletter will continue to be free of commercial advertisements,
and aside from a small plug for Topica right at the end (which is
fair enough, as their distribution service is free) you should see
no difference. Let me know if you have any questions about this

3. Online Christmas Card

To view the FW Online Christmas Card, with a great picture of the
FW choir, singing in front of 30,000 people at March for Jesus in
London this Summer, simply visit

The song we've chosen for the card is "Healing River". Whilst
Christmas is ideally a time of joy and harmony, surrounded by
friends and family, for many it can be a time that emphasises
loneliness, isolation and bereavement, or family feuds and
divisions. Our prayer, expressed by the song, is that we may all
know the peace of heaven in our homes, churches and communities
this Christmas and into 2001.

Christmas Joke

Short as this newsletter is, I know I wouldn't be forgiven for not
including at least one joke, and as this one made me laugh out
loud at work today, here it is:

Good King Wenceslas went in to his local Pizza Hut.
"What would you like?" asked the waiter
"Oh, the usual", replied the King - "Deep pan, crisp and even"

Happy Christmas

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UK Copyright 2000, Mike Burn.

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Thanks for reading, and if you've made it this far, or even if you
just skipped to the end before hitting delete, blessings to you in
Jesus' name


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