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Welcome to the Christmas 2001 Family Worship newsletter

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Online Christmas Card
New Peace Child video

Just a brief, Christmas edition of the newsletter - the next full
edition will be out in the New Year.

Online FW Christmas Card

Given the events of 2001, the need for real peace in the world is as
vivid as ever. It is still only to be found, as it was  2,000 years ago,
in the heart of a child...

Wishing you, and those you love, every peace, happiness and blessing,
this Christmas, and into 2002

New Peace Child Video

A stunning new animated video has just been completed to accompany the
Christmas song, "Peace Child", from FW4. You can check it out online at

Peace Child

Who could have dared to dream it
Who could have dared to hope
That the author of creation
Should become as one of us
The God who is everywhere chose to be confined
To a moment in history
The birth of a child
And an ocean of love poured out
A fountain of grace sprang up
And the voice of God could be heard in a baby's cry

Come to the Peace Child
Let him still your soul
He was the only one
Who could bring hope to this world
As the centuries have passed
And our search for peace goes on
It's still to be found in the heart of a child

And as we mark each New Year
We give thanks for the past
For we know our God is faithful
He is worthy of our trust
And through the world's suffering
Through all the pain
He knows what it feels like
He knew it as a man
And an ocean of love is ours
And a fountain of grace still flows
And the voice of God whispers into our hearts once more

Unto us a child is born
Unto us a Son is given
And he'll be called
Wonderful counsellor
Mighty God
Eternal Father
Prince of Peace

Mike Burn
Copyright (c) 1999 Daybreak Music

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This newsletter is written by Mike Burn and is published by Family
Worship Resources, part of Ichthus Christian Fellowship, London, UK.
Copyright 2001, Mike Burn.

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